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Billy Bragg - Bridges Not Walls

Forgive me, folks for posting a link to the wonderful mini LP that's not psychedelic but is just so lovely. Billy Bragg's mini album 'Bridges Not Walls'

If you don't get the irony in the song Full English Brexit, you probably love the words of 'Alf Garnett', the racist little england bigot character played by the great actor Warren Mitchell. Hope that's not you!

Come to think of it, so many of the posts here are about pop dross - not psychedelic too, so i'm just pointing you to a link to some real music as always, not crap music made to make money.

Love & respect to this working class hero who, like good whiskey, wine and rum just gets better as he gets older!

Re: Billy Bragg - Bridges Not Walls

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Re: Billy Bragg - Bridges Not Walls

Thanks Steve great vid