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The Dandy Warhols

Any fans of Neo-Psychedelia should check out The Dandy Warhols-The Black Album worth searching out or drop me a line for more info

By the way Im collecting albums called The Black Album by any artists.I have these but I'm after more so ant info would be great .Thanks
These are what I have
a pony named olga - 2014 - the black album[psychobilly]
akhenaton - black album [delabel. 2002]
beatles - the black album
buddy emmons - the black album (1965)
Campaign - the black album 7'' (no breaks, 2013)
Christy Moore-1976 - The Black Album [256-320 kbps]
deep88 - the black album (2016)
Index - The Black Album & The Red Album
Jay-Z-the black album
Marilyn Manson-The Black Album Bootleg
Marsmobil - Black Album (2011)
MASTRO JOHNNY & MAMA'S BOYS - 2004 - The Black Album [320]blues
Metallica-The Black Album[1991]
Non- the black album (1977)
Prince - The Black Album
The Damned-1980 - the black album (320)
The Dandy Warhols-'the black album'
The exploding boy-2011 the black album
The Tubes-Black Album Demos (1980) (10 tracks - unofficial release)
The Weathermen-(1988) The Black Album According to the Weathermen