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George Baker Selection

Why I wonder has GBS resorted to this

Re: George Baker Selection

I've a message for you from Steve.
He says "I can only guess, but possibly it's more lucrative than sitting on the pavement outside Lidl with someone else's dog or snotty child begging. Possibly.
Again, I can only guess, but he looks to me like he always was a talentless twat anyway."

Re: George Baker Selection

Mr Bouwens has a far more positive way with words than you it seems

Re: George Baker Selection

Well, 'Duchess',
Thanks for your opinion.
Naturally, I have the same right to my opinions as you and to me, your opinion on this occasion is certainly wrong.
Of course, I can only get an opinion of you from your words and sadly I find very little of anything even vaguely interesting, witty, thought-provoking, clever, poignant or intelligent in your comments nor anything appealing in your simplistic musical taste.

I hear nothing of interest at all in the banal words or the simple tunes churned out by this apparently almost totally talentless person Hans Bouwens you seem to admire so much - although I'm sure the weak sing-along things he does suit you just fine.
I listened to several examples of this guys 'music' before commenting and found it, in my opinion, to be absolutely laughable dross.
If I ever was so desperate to make money [which I'm not], the last thing I would do would be to churn out meaningless middle of the road pop music, then when the teenyboppers grew up and got sick of my rubbish, appear in some stupid TV commercial to promote a global supermarket. If I was so incompetent at writing and playing music as this person that I could only sink to even deeper depths, I think I'd admit I was never very good at making music in the first place and just be more careful about how I spent my pension.
So Chuck you, Farlie. Fly Away [you] Little Paraquayo.

Re: George Baker Selection

more of that relentless positivity Stevie?

let it all out boy, it's good therapy for your condition

love from Mr Bouwens et moi xxxxxxx

Re: George Baker Selection

So kind and thoughtful of you and your friend, little paraquayo.