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Fading Yellow Vol.16

See the thread further down the list for more info on this. I just got my copy today and played it for the first time and wanted to say a big thank you to JJ or whoever got this volume out finally. It's a beautiful collection. Although the time frame is 1968-76, they all have a really timeless quality to them though anchored in the early 70s. I know this was the effect JJ wanted. It' is also absolutely perfect for the prolonged hot spell (aka Summer) we are currently having in UK.

All the tunes are gentle arrangements but 'internally' strong if that makes sense. The strings and the acoustic guitars work wonderfully and every track blends so well. Alhough by 19 different acts, just on listening you could mistake them for the same artist or even album, the sequence and styling are that well selected. It reminded me to some extent of the now rare 'Tea and Symphony' collection that Bob Stanley curated years back and which was inspired by the FY series. The artists are mainly US with a few Brits as well. I can't fault this set, it's utterly sublime. Anyone with a troubled mind just needs to play this to alleviate it. It's also a good length at 64 minutes.

This volume seems only available from Hot Stuff Mail order in Sweden, I've not seen it crop up for sale anywhere else as they usually do, in Europe anyway. To the UK using Paypal (there's a 5% charge for that) inc postage it works out at £17.50 which is a bit expensive but I think it's worth every penny. Plus, it is sent registered. Mine was sent from Sweden on Monday 2nd and arrived with me on Weds 4th July in England, you can't ask swifter than that. I'll be playing this a lot!


Re: Fading Yellow Vol.16

'Languid' is a good catch-all description for the set I think.


Re: Fading Yellow Vol.16

I see Bomp also has it now for $16