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Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Please note that this argument hinges on the supposition that rare records are not likely to be found out in the wild since the majority are not in circulation due to being locked-up in private collections.


My collector-friend recently proposed this (or may have stated it as fact - I don't recall), that....

.... regards 60s/70s lps (specifically psych & prog in our case), the price of rare records will FALL due to the fact that the collectros that started in their teens are now approaching retirement age and ,within, the next decade - of not already - will/are dying-off.

Post-mortem records are being dumped on the market ; whether seriously (to make profit using active web sites) or willy-nilly simply for widows,etc to "clear-out".
In the next decade its gonna get progressively worse (or better, depending on your angle.)

Wallace must admit that, despite thinking things over, Wallace is sitting on the fence on this one.

Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Yeah Wallace, I wonder about that as well. As records become more historical, it may be that this is the peak of when a rare record has value. Or maybe in 50 years there will be renewed interest? I am not sure which scenario will play out.

Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Wasn't the bubble in Elvis records a few years ago blamed on this?

Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Rare records will always be rare records because there are not many of any given one of them. Thats's what makes them rare! It is more a matter of who knows this or places any monetary or cultural value on them. Some artists / titles go in and out of fashion like any antique so demand can vary, but they will always be rare.

If vinyl continues its current resurgence, new generations may well grow up placing a similar cultural / material value on small issue runs of modern coloured vinyl reissues rather than the:slightly_smiling_face: rarer black wax originals. The colour of the vinyl (many LPs now are issued in a range of colours) might become the new 'rare' rather than the limited nature of the original black vinyl issue.

Rather like art, if you can't aford a Matisse painting, you look for a new or neglected artist who is affordable, who in turn becomes collectible but accessible. Plus if you grow up with multiple colour options of any one vinyl title, then that becomes your future nostalgia, any one of which might become the new rare colour everyone must have (fashion again).

My fifteen year-old daughter pretty much rejects most modern music but loves older music on vinyl LPs (currently 70s punk, The Smiths, Kate Bush, Beatles, 60s pop) and doesn't care if they are original issues or re-issues (she just bought the Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks', a 1985 reissue at a local fare and asked me what the advertising for 'Virgin's mid-price range' on the inner sleeve meant).

I think the number of publications and on line sites about rare vinyl will ensure that what we understand it to be will survive into the future but will become increasingly unobtainable. However, as long as it keeps getting re-issued the music will survive and prosperand that's what matters most.

Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Also, anyone in or able to get to Leicester might be interested in the upcoming public event at the University of Leicester on 9th July on 'saving our sounds'.:slightly_smiling_face:


Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records
Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Hey Paul. Miles of Smiles to you.
Does your daughter have this 1986 rerelease:

...Is it green or red labels or did she pick up a super rare unknown 1985 release?
I hope she got a kick out of the music. I got sent a casette copy by my Dad when I was in India, with some other stuff on the tape [motorhead mostly - ace of spades etc].
I'd not heard about 1970's punk music before then!

Re: Regards the near-future worth of rare records

Hi Paul your daughter might be interested in a record shop in my local area[Whittlesey] called Bobs..I've only just read about it but it sounds very good from write up