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Big Boy Pete

I read this in wiki
Peter Miller (born 26 May 1942, Norwich, England), also known as "Big Boy Pete", is an English singer, songwriter, recording engineer and record producer.

Born in Norwich, England, he has lived in San Francisco since 1972. He is a veteran of the 1960s English pop music, starting out with a rock & roll band called the Offbeats, who recorded an EP in 1958, and joining the beat group Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers in 1961.

He has toured with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and most of the rest of the British Invasion. He released one of the first English psychedelic songs ("Cold Turkey") which placed his name in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A copy of "Cold Turkey" sold for £250 at Sotheby's Rock and Roll auction in London.

I never realised he released one of the first Psychedelic songs[Cold Turkey] !

Re: Big Boy Pete

He's released a number of albums claimed to have been recorded in the 60s, although there are plenty of doubters saying they were later cash in jobs made to sound like that.

Re: Big Boy Pete

Up to now l think I have 7cds worth of cds supposedly all 60s recordings, mainly unreleased home recordings from mainly 66 onwards, I do believe many of them are just that but my gut feeling and ears tell me there's a few that are not and are recorded on analog equipment to give it a genuinely 60s type of sound. I'd love my gut feeling to be well wrong, but we're talking a lot of songs recorded and unreleased many seeing the light of day in the 90s and 2000s. Some great stuff don't get me wrong with his nasally sounding vocals and much of it very psych sounding!! I remember this debate many years ago on other sites long gone now asking if they where real 60s recordings, but I bought them all anyway, doubts or not as most are enjoyable!!!

Re: Big Boy Pete

Here is a rarity from Big Boy Pete & Hilton Valentine [from The Animals] a Christmas Skiffle album..Merry Xmas everyone

Big Boy Pete & Hilton Valentine-Merry Skifflemas!.zip