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London Calling Label

There seems to be a glut of recent releases of original radio broadcasts on the London Calling label. I'm enjoying the Bee Gees 67/68 at the moment. Anyone else buying?

Re: London Calling Label

Seen those around Paul, which reminds me to get the BeeGees one, thanks! I guess a whole lot of live stuff must have hit public domain status, just about 50 years old mostly aren't they? Presumably the sound quality is good?

I am still only on Disc 5 of the Beat Club amp box set I recently got - the amplifier that is the box lid even plays the programme's theme tune!

25 DVDs with four shows on each one. Even though I don't speak German, I really like these. Several are live from The Marquee or Tiles Club etc and much better in a fuller sense of the whole show than the clipped performances from them put together as the individual 'best of' DVDs that have been aropund a long time. Disc 4 for instance comes from Feb - April 1967 and has great live performances by The Who, The Smoke (My Friend Jack), Animals, Creation on it as well as a mimed I Feel Free by Cream. :slightly_smiling_face:


Re: London Calling Label

Wow Paul that set sounds amazing- but I don't know if I could sit through the whole thing! The sound quality and general packaging of the Bee Gees Lp is excellent. There is also a CD version. I think you are right - there must be some sort of legal loophole for broadcasts as there is a glut of 1968 lps/cds especially. I wonder if we'll get a load of 1969 releases next year?