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record decks and amps

Not the usual type of post for here I know but my old Pioneer all in one hi-fi from the late 1980s (when such equipment ceased to made in chrome and changed to all black) has finally packed up. I need reasonable quality hi-fi separates of:

Amplifier for it
Pair of speakers

I am avoiding the cheaper Stapeltone type of built in speaker record players, I want something mid-range if such a category still exists just to play vinyl in good sound quality. I don’t need a CD player or tuner or digital radio (or a tape deck!). Does anyone have any suggestions? What do people here play their vinyl on? There’s a lot of stuff on line but seems either to be very high end or the cheap Stapletone / GPO type retro looking players that populate Amazon listings. Thanks in advance for any input.


Re: record decks and amps

Hi Paul, Unless you are wanting to buy a valve based amp system, I'd suggest visiting Richer Sounds' website -
As you'll see, they offer a very comprehensive range of hi-fi stuff and if it all looks a bit bewildering [you'll be spoilt for choice!], the best thing I can recommend is giving them a call and speaking to one of their extremely knowledgeable and helpful assistants. They offer unbeatable prices and free UK delivery on most items. To maybe spend less, search their clearance items. Also you could search for discount and voucher codes for them on google or similar.
Check it out and good luck with your new kit.
Hope this is helpful, mate.

Re: record decks and amps

Hi Paul,
I admittedly have put more thought and money into my speakers (Klipsch) and receivers (Marantz, Harman Kardon) than my turntable, which may not be sonically wise, but it means I can recommend some mid-range turntables. I started with my Technics 1200 back before they got pricey because Technics stopped making them, and of course that does a fine job still, if you can find one in good condition for a reasonable price that hasn’t been abused.
My second system uses the recent TEAC-300, which I like well enough, but it’s nothing amazing. It does have easy speed switches, but if you want to adjust the individual speed minutely, it’s a bit of a pain, requiring twisting a screw in the base with a screw driver, which is trial and error. I’ve only had to do that once, but it’s a pain. If I could do it over again, I might go with the Music Hall 1.5, which has easier speed adjustment (a knob in the back) and plays 33’s, 45’s, and 78’s! Apart from that, they are both nothing too fancy and they both look nice. I don’t think either are bad for records, like some of the very low-end might be.
There may be different choices in England, but those are the two I’d consider before getting fancy with a larger price like a Clear Audio, Rega, or Thorens type of turntable with more precision. I think my turntable, the TEAC-300 is the most basic component in my system at the moment, but it works.

Re: record decks and amps

Thanks Steve and Joe, that gives me something to investigate. I bought my Phillips stand alone CD burner from Richer Sounds eons ago and they were very good.


Re: record decks and amps

I've still not succumbed to the rejuvenation of the record player, but my whole system, amp, cd player,speakers,tape deck are all from richer sounds, always very helpful with advice etc, to be honest they're always the first people I go to. Luckily we have a store here in Edinburgh. Very knowledgeable and can recommend you the best equipment for the sort of money you want to spend!!