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7X7 USA Singles

Anyone have the track listings for this comp series Vol 1 to 8? If so I'd be most grateful if you could post or email. Thanks, Mark

Re: 7X7 USA Singles

RR180-1 Exploited - Army Life 7” WHITE
RR180-2 Exploited - Exploited Barmy Army 7” ULTRA CLEAR
RR180-3 Exploited - Dogs Of War 7” TRANSPARANT BLOOD RED
RR180-4 Exploited - Dead Cities 7” BONE
RR180-5 Exploited - Attack/Alternative 7” HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW
RR180-6 Exploited - Computers Don't Blunder 7” DEEP PURPLE
RR180-7 Exploited - Rival Leaders 7” COKE BOTTLE GREEN

Army Life
A1 Army Life
B1 Fuck The Mods
B2 Crashed Out

Exploited Barmy Army
A1 Exploited Barmy Army
AA1 I Believe In Anarchy
AA2 What You Gonna Do

Dogs Of War
A1 Dogs Of War
B1 Blown To Bits (Live)

Dead Cities
A1 Dead Cities
AA1 Hitler’s In The Charts Again
AA2 Class War

Attack / Alternative
A1 Attack
AA1 Alternative

Computers Don’t Blunder
A1 Computers Don’t Blunder
B1 Addiction

Rival Leaders
A1 Rival Leaders
B1 Army Style
B2 Singalongbushell

Re: 7X7 USA Singles

Barking up the wrong tree I'm afraid... but thanks. This is a home made comp series of Neo psych and garage bands such as The Laughing Soup Dish, The Brood, Untold Fables, Mooseheart Faith Steller Groove Band et al... 7 tracks on each of 8 CD's

Re: 7X7 USA Singles

I thought it was off track but it was the only one I could find I will ask around tho

Re: 7X7 USA Singles

Think I got it them off a member of this forum about 17 years ago... hoping that they were shared with more than just me.... and that those same people are still posting/reading. If not no worries I got the sounds and art. Shame you can't post pics here. Ho hum!

Re: 7X7 USA Singles

Hi Mark. You can post pics here by adding a link to a pic.

Click on where it says bb code and follow instructions starting with "img" with square brackets around it - without the quote marks. Your pics will need to have been uploaded to a website so the link remains live. You right click on the image and from the dropdown menu click on 'copy image location' to put as the URL address in your coding. Any problems and me or someone more knowledgeable should be able to help. Cheers!