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Upside Down World Of John Pantry

Can't see that this compilation has ever been discussed here..... if so apologies. Thought it deserved a mention as it contains some excellent pop-sike 45's (see track listing) Most of which can be heard on YT except ones starred (*) which I was unable to find. Alas despite the obvious talent of JP as a song writer he discovered GOD and became a vicar and things were never quite the same thereafter. The original comp was expanded on to make a 2 CD offering in 2009. Details of which can be found on Discogs. Happy hunting / listening. Mark

The Factory - Try A Little Sunshine
Peter & The Wolves - Birthday
John Pantry - Red Chalk Hill
John Pantry - Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red
Peter & The Wolves - Lantern Light
Peter & The Wolves - Woman On My Mind
Peter & The Wolves - Break Up-Break Down
John Pantry - Upside Down
Norman Conquest - Two People
The Bunch - Spare A Shilling
Peter & The Wolves - Little Girl Lost And Found
The Factory - Red Chalk Hill
John Pantry - Every Single World*
Peter & The Wolves - The Old And The New
John Pantry - Smokey Wood Air
John Pantry - How It Is*
Peter & The Wolves - Lantern Light
Peter & The Wolves - Julie*
Norman Conquest - Upside Down

Re: Upside Down World Of John Pantry

Very Nice album Mark shame he didnt do more but he got kidnapped by the big man in the sky as you say

Re: Upside Down World Of John Pantry

TY for the share.... Very kind of you to take the trouble.

Re: Upside Down World Of John Pantry

Yeh this double cd is absolutely excellent, John Pantry was involved in some fine recordings, he engineered many sessions too before he found the non existent entity up in the sky!!! I very much enjoy his Wolfe album but found his solo album was not to my taste. That double cd was released by dave Wells on his cd label wooden Hill sister label of vinyl only tenth planet. It features 53 tracks and a fine booklet. Mark frumento did a private cdr comp of Pantry related recordings too which featured some fine recordings! Glad you mentioned this comp mark as not played it in a while!!