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Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

I have the following items for sale if anyone is interested. All are in great condition, many are unplayed duplicates or sealed items. Suggested prices given but open to offers and 10% discount if 2 or more items purchased. Will post for cost. Thanks.

LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s
LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s LP’s

Box Tops Greatest Hits (US RHINO) M-/M- £12
Brown Arthur Journey (STAR POWER) M-/M- £15
Children (The) Rebirth (RI Uknown Boot?) M-/M- £12
Flowerhead Ka Bloom (Green vinyl promo ZP 11044) M/UNP £10
Fowley Kim Living In The Streets (SONET + insert) M-/M- £15
Funkadelic Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (WESTBOUND g.f.) M-/UNP £12
Fuzzbox Big Bang (WEA France + Pic Inner Sleeve) M-/M- £3
Melle Mel & Furious 5 Work Party (SUGAR HILL) M-/M- £5
Hanson Bo Lord Of The Rings (CHARISMA Cut Out) EX/EX £5
Harrison George Extra Texture (EMI/APPLE 10009 (No sleeve Pic Card Inner) -/M- £5
Hendryx Nona Nona (CBS) M-/M- £3
Ian Gillan Band Magic (VIRGIN Pic disc, VP2238 DCS small tear + liner) G/M- £8
Ian Gillan Band Child In Time (POLYDOR 2490136 gf. sleeve) M-/M- £10
Idle Race Birthday Party (SUNSET RI ) M-/M- £12
Incredible String Band Same (1st Album SUNDAZED RI 180g) S/UNP £15
Iron Butterfly S/T (STAR COLLECTION) EX/M- £6
Kava Kava You Can Live Here (DELERIUM) M-/UNP £10
Laughing Soup Dish The Underthrow The Overground (US VOXX) S/UNP £15
London Symphony Orch Zappa Vol 1(BARKING PUMPKIN) M-/M- £12
Los Impossibles En El Pais Del Nino Mosca (10” LP Great pop psyche) M-/UNP £30
Mandragora/P Thornton While The Green Man Sleeps (MYSTIC STONES) M-/M- £5
Material Temporary Music (CELLULOID) M-/M- £8
MC5 Back In The USA (ATLANTIC K50346 no sleeve) --/EX £5
Nick Riff Freak Element (DELERIUM + insert) M-/Unp £10
Nick Riff Cloak Of Immortality (DELERIUM) M-/Unp £10
Nilsson Harry Duit On Mon Dei (RCA APLI 8017 g.f. sleeve) M-/M- £5
Paxton Tom The Complete Tom Paxton (WEA LPx2) M-/M-/M- £10
Peanut Butter Conspiracy Turn On A Friend (DROP OUT gf sleeve) M-/M- £10
Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds (US HARVEST SW11078) S/UNP £25
Public Image Ltd "9" (VIRGIN Pic Inner Sleeve) M-/M- £10
Rainbow Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (POLYDOR Delux + insert) M-/M- £15
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Freaky Styley (US EMI) M-/M- £20
Red Krayola S/T (DRAG CITY) M-/M- £10
Reed Lou New Sensations (RCA) M-/M- £10
Rhinoceros Satin Chickens (POLYDOR/ELEKTRA EKS74030) EX/EX £5
Rhinoceros S/T (US POLYDOR/ELEKTRA g.f. sleeve EKS74056) EX/EX £5
Rhinoceros Better Times Are Coming (UK ELEKTRA g.f. sleeve) EX/EX £5
Rolling Stones Between The Buttons (US LONDON PS499) S/UNP £25
Rolling Stones Flowers (US LONDON PS509) S/UNP £15
Soft Machine The Untouchable (LPx2 CASTLE) M-/M-/M- £12
Sufit Alisha Adventures In Wonderland (MAGIC CARPET + inset) M-/M £12
Suicidal Flowers Burn Mother Burn (DELERIUM) M-/M £5
Telephone Crache Ton Venin (EMI France, nude sleeve) M-/M- £15
Telephone S/T (EMI. France) M-/M- £5
Three Dog Night Hard Labour (ABC) M-/M- £3
Uriah Heep Return To Fantasy (BRONZE g.f. sleeve) EX/M- £12
Toyah Anthem (SAFARI Pic. Disc in PVC sleeve) --/M- £6
White Noise (III) Re-Entry (PULSE) EX/EX £15
Various Artists This Is Buddah (BUDDAH) EX/VG+ £2
Zappa Frank Zoot Allures (US WARNER BS2970) S/UNP £10

CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s
CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s CD’s

3rd & Mortal In This Room M-/M- £8
13th Floor Elevators Another Dimension M-//M- £5
48 Cameras Me My Youth & Bass Drum M-//M- £6
Aardvarks Bargain M-//M- £8
Apple An Apple A Day (REPETOIRE + bonus tracks) M-//M- £8
Atomic Rooster Nice ‘n’ Greasy M-//M- £12
Brown Arthur/V Crane Tarot Rota M-//M- £20
Bulldog Breed Made In England M-//M- £10
Coxhill Lol Ear Of The Beholder M-//M- £10
Das Daman Triskaidekaphobia M-//M- £6
Electric Orange Cyberdelic M-//M- £15
Fowley Kim Bad News From The Underground M-//M- £12
Fowley Kim Hotel Insomnia M-//M- £10
Fowley Kim Wormculture M-//M- £5
Liberation Thru Hearing S/T M-//M- £10
Moom Bone Idol M-//M- £10
Nick Riff Cloak Of Immortality M-//M- £5
Nine Invisibles Pureheadspace M-//M- £5
Nukli Time Factory M-//M- £15
Praise Space Electric 2 Leaving Demons M-//M- £5
Sons Of Selina Nour D’oui M-//M- £5
Steppes (The) Drop Of The Creature M-//M- £15
Sting /Radio Actors Nuclear Waste (Sting, Hillage, Nik Turner etc) M-//M- £5
Tarlton Jeff Dragin’ Spring M-//M- £5
Them Now & Them M-//M- £6
They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom M-//M- £5
Treatment Cipher Caput M-//M- £6
T Swift & Electric Bag Are You Experienced? M-//M- £10
Various Artists Rubble Vol 10 Professor Jordan’s Magic Sound Show M-//M- £7
Zappa Frank Threesome Vol 1 (Freak Out, Absolutely Free, WOIIFTM) Sealed £15
Zappa Frank Threesome Vol 2 (Hot Rats, Waka Jawa, Grand Wazoo) Sealed £15
Zappa Frank We’re Only In It For The Money/Lumpy Gravy (2on1 CD) M-//M- £10

Re: Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

Some tasty looking items where do you post from?

Re: Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

Manchester UK

Re: Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

You could nip up the road a bit and save on postage Phil.

Re: Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

Hello Mark, long time no speak!! How are you doing mark??

Re: Psych- Prog-Spacerock Etc For Sale

Hi Stu..... Yeah it's been a while. I'll mail you rather than bore everyone with my life history over the last 17 years. It's nice to see some of the peeps from yesteryear are still around and sharing their love of groovy music.