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Another Brit Psych Song poll

Hi All

Well, as i’ve mentioned to several people in the past few weeks, this November sees the 20th anniversary of going on-line, and co-incidentally will also see the 500th edition of my Rose Coloured Glasses show.
To mark both events, i’ve decided to hold a third “Greatest British Psychedelic Song” poll, following on from the poll shows i did in 2010 and 2013 (in 2016 i was pre-occupied with other stuff, like getting married).
Anyway, the voting window will be the entire month of October, so i hope this will be a bigger and better poll than previous editions, and that everyone out there will find the time to vote.
This is just an introductory preamble. I’ll be back towards the end of September with more to vote, the scoring system etc etc
After voting has ended i’ll tally up the scores and play the Top 30 songs (actually i’ll play as many as i can cram into 3 hours) on the 500th RCG show.
So, please get your thinking caps on, as i’ll soon be asking you for your Top 5 choices!
More later! 👍

Re: Another Brit Psych Song poll

Onya Mick. The return of the good old days.

Re: Another Brit Psych Song poll

:grinning: :+1: