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Quintessence - Giants

An astonishing live performance from the band Quintessence at Glastonbury Fayre 1971.
Professionally shot film. Seems to be faded out before the end after 8.39 minutes of play, which is a shame.

'Giants' is track one of their first LP 'In Blissful Company' released in 1969 on the Island label.

Re: Quintessence - Giants

That’s magic. I am a huge fan. Have all their music.

Re: Quintessence - Giants

There's a whole stack of interesting sessions form the BBC and elsewhere incl. Quintessence 1969 -70 on Colin Harper's Youtube channel:

Loads of folk-acoustic based stuff incl. Pentangle, Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs as well as Idle Race, Family, Duffy Power, Adrian Henri and Liverpool Scene, Bee Gees, Egg, Curved Air, Donovan, Fairport, Eclection, Free, Gay and Terry Woods, Mr. Fox, Colosseum, ISB, Owen Hand, Keef Hartley, Joni Mitchell, Son House and TONS more - still ransacking the archive...!!!

Get busy..!!!!

Re: Quintessence - Giants

wow you made my day, the 1982 Pentangle concert in Italy, I was there and went backstage to get all the autographs, wenone of the very last gigs with all the original members I guess. They were all so kind and friendly :)

Re: Quintessence - Giants

Glad to be of help - there is so much great and interesting stuff there - I already have nearly 5 gigs worth DL'd and I haven't reached the end yet..!!!

Pentangle, Bert and John are some of my faves too..!!!

Re: Quintessence - Giants

Thanks for the You Tube Link HP Ive passed it on to some pals who are most grateful

Re: Quintessence - Giants

Some more live Quintessence FILM footage:

QUINTESSENCE Dive Deep 1971. This is a partly mimed performance (Shiva and Shambu sing live) from LWT's 1971 programme 'God Rock'. Lead guitarist Alan had thrown a bit of a wobbler on being asked to mime, hence Maha Dev mimes his parts while Alan sulks behind the congas...

QUINTESSENCE Live at St Pancras 1970. A rare and fabulous glimpse of Quintessence live onstage in 1970, at St Pancras Town Hall in March of that year. The gig was being recorded by Island Records for a possible live album and two songs - this one and 'Sea Of Immortality' were filmed independently for the BBC's 'Disco 2' programme and for limited distribution as a short cinema feature.
The live album didn't appear at the time, although two instrumental excerpts made it onto their second studio LP. As for the film, the BFI retain a complete copy. This footage (all that remains at the BBC) is edited together from a couple of sequences in the little-seen 1970 BBC documentary 'New Horizons: The Alternative Society'.
Unfortunately the analogue tapes have deteriorated in places to the point where sound pitch correction and visual restoration are needed.

Getting It Straight In Notting Hill Gate (Documentary Film Featuring Quintessence - 1970). (Jo Gannon’s documentary 'Getting It Straight In Notting Hill Gate' captures the social churn in the west London neighbourhood at the start of the 70s. Spaced-out sitar music and the prog rock grooves of Quintessence soundtrack this psychedelic flashback to Notting Hill Gate in 1970)

This time capsule counter-culture documentary was designed to redress negative perceptions of Notting Hill in 1970: "a cultural and racial melting pot...probably the world's most integrated ghetto". Radical 'Viet Grove' free spirits seen here include Caroline Coon, of Release, a free legal aid service for young people hassled by 'the fuzz', and Larry Smart, psychedelic painter and poster artist.
A version of the Quintessence track Notting Hill Gate - performed live here - was featured on the band's first album, In Blissful Company, released in 1969.

Quintessence Giants [edit] at the first Glastonbury Fayre, Pilton 1970.

That's it until it's something else. The Unbroken Chain!


~edited excerpts are from youtube.

All credit and Infinite Gratitude to the original posters.