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Tea and symphony on double vinyl

Looks like Ace are releasing this. Previously pulled at the last minute on CD making it a bit of a modern rarity.

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

If I see well there is a CD release too, with a different track listing from the "original" one (can't believe to see those prices for a cd compilation! :flushed: )

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

I found a copy of that CD just as it was becoming quite elusive. It’s a good one! I’ve tracked down a number of the 45s since then on vinyl, but it would still be great to have as an lp...

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

OK, I take it back. They’ve swapped out most of the best songs. Who on this entire planet needs to hear Honeybus doing “I Can’t Let Maggie Go” again? I love the band, but that song is not only not representative of how good they were, but it’s not even a little bit hard to find! Meanwhile, they’re removed most of the songs that made the CD worth owning. Boo.

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

Just using the CD track listing from the two sets (I thankfully ordered the original CD a day before it's release date and so glad I did), here's the differences below. I imagine the reasons for this are either a). there's an issue with licensing b). A virtually new comp utililising the original name would be a selling point. A real shame that John Kerruish 'Time To Wander' isn't on it again though, what a corker that is (it's on youtube if you haven't heard it). I'll get this new version anyway as a companion for the original one.

Might I take this opportunity to wish all RZers a happy and music filled Christmas and new year as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Missing form the new version: :open_mouth:

John Kerruish – Time To Wander
Graham Gouldman – Nowhere To Go
Graham Gouldman – Growing Older
Kate – Strange Girl
Honeybus – For Where Have You been
Eddie Addenbury – Captain Jones
Nimbo – Maisie Jones
Almond Marzipan – Summer Love
David Kelly – Nothing Else To Say
Lori Balmer – Here before The Sun
Consortium – Copper Coloured Years
Marc Reid – My World Turns Around You
Roger Charles – Watching The Boat
Tremeloes – Til The Sun Goes Down
Steve Elgin – Seductress
Julian Brooks – Justine
Junior Campbell – If I Call Your Name
Quiet World of Lea & John – There Is a Mountain
The Humblebums – Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway
Tuesday – Sewing Machine
Vigrass - Stop

Those from original comp still on this one:

Lee Nixon – Off To Find A New Land
John Plum – Alice
Les Payne – Very Well

All the others are a new tracklist.

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

Interesting Paul, and I’m sure it is licensing, but if they had to put on a Honeybus song it would have been very cool to have the newly uncovered “Walking Aphrodisiac” for instance, or Colin Hare’s baroque masterpiece “Didn’t I Tell You”...
This new comp may have some good stuff, but it just makes it confusing to use the name and art design (pretty much) of such a different compilation.
I could put together a fine baroque comp as well, but why not call it “volume 2” if it has so few of the songs from the first edition? Oh well, that’s my rant for the day. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year!😄

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

And just for the fun of it, here is my UK/Australian baroque pop imaginary comp. maybe I’d call it “Eleanor Rigby’s Offspring”:

1. Woman—Peter & Gordon
2. Rainbow Rocking Chair—Majority One
3. Julia—Ted Mulry
4. Didn’t I Tell You—-Colin Hare
5. When You Wake Up in the Morning— Murray Head
6. Justine— Julian Brooks
7. Once Upon an Everyday—Peter Sarstedt
8. Saturday—Fickle Pickle
9. Shine—Steve & Stevie
10. Story—Honeybus
11. It Happened Two Sundays Ago—Nirvana
12. Now—Quartet
13. Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall—Toast
14. Come with Me—Jigsaw
15. Captain Jones—Eddie Addenberry
16. Annabella— Billy Kinsley
17. The Lady Who Said She Could Fly—-The Idle Race
18. Hello Memories—The Quotations
19. You Keep Changing Your Mind—Jon Plum
20. Maisie Jones—Nimbo
21. Cry, Baby, Cry—Vaughan Thomas
22. Can I Find A Way—M.J. Parker
23. Christenings, Weddings, and Funerals—-Julian Brook (no “s” this time...):slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

Hiya Joe,I was lucky back in the day today have bought the original tea and symphony cd before it was quickly withdrawn, it's a marvellous cd but I'm disappointed this new one is not a straight issue of that,this new one should not have the same title and artwork though it's a different tinge of colour,very misleading in my opinion as it's certainly a different beast all together and there for a new title should have been allocated.mind you the 3 cd box set issued by grapefruit records of baroque pop is an excellent thing of beauty and features loads of stuff I'd never heard. A real highlight of all those 3 cd sets released by grapefruit records. Please bring us more.

Re: Tea and symphony on double vinyl

HI Stuart,

I agree. Grapefruit does a fine job. I also like the Mixed-Up Minds for pop rarities, as well as the Curiosity Shop series. Good for the pop singles that escaped much notice the first time around.
Have a great holiday, Stuart,. And everyone else who posts here or just reads posts here! :santa: :grinning: