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MONO v STEREO An opinion on the record industry's shift

In Nature, no creature 'speaks' in stereo...the fact that most creatures hear in stereo is for survival. I think this is why mono has a directness not found in stereo. (I'm speaking in terms of external stimuli.)

It is certainly mysterious that the entire mono genre was betrayed by the industry. But, I'm beginning to think we've never been told the truth about its demise. First of
all, it takes a supreme discipline to mix in mono. Most producers and artists just don't have the ability/capacity. BUT, isn't there something inherently unique about 'distinct' images? Stereo images can NEVER be distinct without headphones.

BUT, mono images sound the same from any vantage point AND undoubtedly so when sourced from a SINGLE speaker playback. Music that is split between two 'half-images' keep the brain in a constant state of 'mixing' the two(or APPRECIATING that there are two images to be sorted/processed). Thus, the focus of the music is already being distracted from. Many will debate this. However, the 'entertainment' industry isn't owned or managed by 'entertainers' so, if music were ever used as a control would be much more effective in stereo. Stereo induces a pseudo-hypnotic state by forcing the brain to work while it listens.

Conversely, mono can be felt/heard directly in a way that may have caused alarm in psychological strategizing...of 'product' where the aim is to contol/comfort.

Thankfully, people speak in mono...and not 5.1.

~ Kwai Chang, from youtube comments