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Nico-Chelsea Girls

Now someone has said this is a classic psychedelic album but to my olde ears some tracks are Acid Folk but no Psychedelic..Id be curious to read your folks ideas on this album
Oh and Happy New Year all

Re: Nico-Chelsea Girls

Hiya Phil,I personally find this album her most accessible and I very much like it,it's got a definite folk rock type of sound, her vocals are actually easy on the ear also,certainly her most pop sounding album,including the recordings she did with velvet underground. I think this is the best album she did,I think it was recorded in 66,I certainly didn't hear psych in this album, but it's been a long time since I took this off my shelf

Re: Nico-Chelsea Girls

It's interesting to hear this poignant and rather sad album as recorded in 1966, but in latter years Nico said she hated the production with it's orchestration and those damn flutes! Newly signed artists had little or no say into what was done to their recordings before release and inevitably, the commercial potential of the LP and related sales was the priority for the sleazy record execs.
Fast forward 15 years and watch a very er, changed Nico revisiting the Chelsea Hotel and the song.

The 1966 Andy Warhol film 'Chelsea Girls' is a dvd release that runs for 3 hours and 17 minutes over 2 dvd discs. It gves a fascinating insight into the use of heroin amongst the creative drop-outs of that era. I can send a link or for those who like to have the physical article, it's on amazon now:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

There'a also a good 7 part documentary called 'Nico Icon':