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New finds of 2019 ?

Happy New Year to you all
Just curious did any of you readers find any albums new to you which really ticked your box in 2019? any genre from any year .I m' interested in reading about any ALBUM which you discovered in 2019 its that simple
For Me it was Lisa Ronson [Mick Ronson's daughter]-Emperors Of Medieval Japan..This was my album of the year even though it came out in Nov 2015

Re: New finds of 2019 ?


CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM - SAME 70s US with organ - so you knos Wallace rides! Never heard of this beefwhore. (Short lp though.)

V.A. WIZARDS OF OZ : A MONSTROUS PSYCHEDELIC BUBBLE EXPLODING IN YOUR MIND 2lp set with mind-blowing,earth-shattering coverart

Okay, I knew FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON. These are the same two guys but this is a wonderfully weaved-together COMPILATION SET and they go under the name of THE AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS. I believe this is their first compilation as AA (maybe going back to 1999??), They have had 5 or 6 since then - and some non-comp like Alice In Wotsit-land and the totally-maxed to the sound-effects, Peppermint Tree.But non hold up a candle to this one.

Wizards of Oz is, of course, all Australia/New Zealand flipped-out rarities. The selection is superb and the tie-ins (it all flows from one track to the other without breaks) clever.

Russell Morris,Rob Thomsett,Cybotron,Tyrnaround,Madder Lake,Krozier & the Generators,Leong Lau,Doug Jerbine (this is Jessie Harper, right??),Doug Ashdown,Steve Maxwell Von Braund...

Everything is there, but they missed-out on Maori (?) group, Mantis (one of the rarest lps on Vertigo).

Re: New finds of 2019 ?

As for new finds in 2019....

Hypnos 69-Eclectic Measure 2006 and Legacy-2010. Belgian band who have now split but two members have gone on to form the equally good Hidden Trails who have so far had one album in 2016, The Battle Between Mindful Creation And Instant Momentary Bliss.

Also, The Resonars-No Exit, their latest album and The Greatest Songs Of The Resonars which is compilation of tracks from earlier releases. No psych here but quality power pop/rock.