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The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

The Acid Archives-Patrick Lundberg pdf
The ultimate guide to underground sounds 1965-1982. The book features release details and in-depth reviews for more than 5,000 obscure LPs from the USA and Canada, 1965-1982, including reissue data and value ratings. The main genres are psychedelia, garage, folk & folkrock, hippie rock, progressive rock, and hard-rock. There is also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and “outsider” albums. This is the first ever comprehensive guide to the vintage musical underground of North America, and opens up a gigantic field of outstanding music that has earlier been exclusive and hard to grasp. There’s also a buyer’s guide, a glossary, a historical background, fun Top 10 lists, and much more. The massive book is loaded with color images of obscure and trippy album sleeves, posters and band photos, many of which have never been published before, and a foreword by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine. Highlights: - The largest selection ever presented of underground albums from North America 1965-1982. - Original release data and in-depth commentary from world-leading rare record experts. - Ratings of LP market value, detailed reissue data, and full color images of rare and trippy albums sleeves. - Special feature essays about rare Exotica, Lounge, ‘70s Funk & Soul, Southern Rock and New Age albums, written by leading field collectors. - A brand new round of informative and hilarious Top 10 Lists that were a popular part in the first book.

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Thanks Phil. Used to have the first edition of this, but when I moved house a cull took place and it went. Kept Tapestry Of Delights, etc though.

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Fantastic Phil.
Thanks so muckle!

Like Whopper, I had the first edition and this 2nd is a vast improvement.

Only too bad the "D" section is missing. Also the "Special Features" section (pages 368-380) would have been an interesting read - especially the exotica and tax-scam records portion.

Patrick did a great job with depth of research , but I have to bring up one thing: it was very deceiving to title this ACID Archives.

I believe Patrick himself admitted in the intro somewhere that at most only 10 or 15% of this book deals with bands that are remotely psychedelic.

You may disagree, but my picture of Patrick's psych tastes - going by things like his best-of lists - is that he was VERY SELECTIVE as to what is true psych.
Admittedly a book on TRUE psych would be very slim indeed, so you need to pad things out.
And that is exactly what we have with "Acid" Archives: loads of utterly non-psychedelic (crap) private-press lps embracing genres/sounds as far away from psych as:
-wank Christian "message" boners
-teen beat/frat rock/high school editions/prep rock
-southern rock-inflicted "rural" rock horrors
-biker/surf rock laiden with cliches
- a lot , actually, of straight ,thin folk

and, of course, seeming infinitudes of them damaged outsider records; blokes paranoid and teetering (or playing at teetering) on the edge (This sound which Patrick and Aaron seem to favour - but to give credit, I believe at one point, reviewing an Ixian doom-whiner lp, Aaron (?) wrote: "...meek, acoustic folk that contributes to collector fatigue.")

Evidently one of Patrick's fav lps is Skip Spence "Oar" - utterly unlistenable to these ears.(I seem to recall at one point the disturbed Spence lived under a bridge).

Then there are all the stoner private presses. Almost always sparse, acoustic-guitar driven. Often wuss ballads.Do you really want to read scores of reviews about lps effusing an air of "stoned indifference"?

Anyways, Wallace wanted to bring this up - mis-titled music books (Another one comes to mind is the (expensive) Encyclopedia Of Swedish Progressive Music. Don't get Wallace wrong - this is a most excellent reference.... but for the misleading title. How were we to know that "progressive" in 70s Sweden had a LOT to do with right-wing, verbose political-lyric (in Swedish) lps being released. That is what half this book is about.

Much more honestly-titled is the recently released "Underground Sounds" book by Ron Moore (who also contributed heavily to Acid Archives.)

And did any one ever tell you that the massive, impressive "Galactic Ramble" tome (on UK 60s/70s) , for all its size, is distinctly lacking on the lp coverart pictures front?

No. I did not think so.

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Thanks Wallace a nice write up I agree there is so much scamming that went on in music in the olde days..they scammed the bands and singers and scammed the pubelic..
Nice to see you in good form you and Steve[who posts on here] would make a good couple lol[I mean that in the nicest way Steve is a lovely guy even tho his beard drags on the floor]

Where can one source the Ron Moore Book?

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Underground Sounds

"privately published with limited circulation" so grab one if it comes your way.

Seems there is a copy on Amazon

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Patrick had a website acid archives,so maybe it's a written book form of this, hence the acid archives title.I found the website excellent, loads of reviews on loads of psych albums, but I do agree the book acid archives is far more eclectic in music being covered, it's mainly based on private press albums up too the early 80s. Of course there are psych albums covered but many other underground sounds are featured also,I also agree the second edition is better than the first issue, I've got both, and there's much more in the second edition. It's a fab reference book covering many years and chock full of obscurities.I have many books like tapestry of delights,fuzz,acid and flowers, endless trip, galactic ramble, jap rock sampler and others, the likes of Vernon joynson and Richard morton jack deserve some kudos for the work they've put into their respective books. I've spent many hours going through all those books, used on a regular basis, forever checking on albums and others views on them. Many years ago there was next to nothing to go on but descriptions given by mail order catalogs, but thankfully there's people willing to document those albums no matter how obscure and the last 20 years has saw an influx of books concerning psych music and 60s and early 70s sounds not just from the UK or the USA, but global wide. Keep them coming as far as I'm concerned.

Re: The Acid Archives -Paul Lundberg

Stuart, yew gorts endless trip & galactic ramble?
Yew must be wealfy as Croesus.

Wallace recommended Galactic Ramble to a (former) friend then caught shoite cos -apparently - there is little by way of album cover art there..... which I weren't awares of back then.

Piccies are relative to text.
Wot yew say? Is there a pawcitay o' piccies when cums ter Endless Trip?