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Influence [1968]

Another Canadian band - connected to the band Charlee [see my other recent post]. They cut one self-titled album at Bell Studios in New York. They were a touring force for just 5 months, opening for bands such as Procol Harem, Steppenwolf and The Doors in USA.
Originally released on vinyl LP in 1968, it was reissued in 2013 on CD.

On the album's back cover, their keyboardist-singer Bobo Island is quoted as saying "Approach this album as you would a box of toys. Let it talk to you. I am sure that it will please those with straight communication between heart, mind and gut."

Andrew Keiller - lead vocals (Natural Impulse & Pieces Of Me)
Dave Wynne - drums
Jack Geisinger - bass
Brian (Bobo Island) Parkins - keyboards & vocals
Louis (Crazy Legs) McKelvey - Gibson SG & vocals
Walter Rossi - Gibson Les Paul & vocals

Here's 3 of the tracks on youtube:

Re: Influence [1968]

Some of these guys had backgrounds in garage bands, The Haunted and Luke & The Apostles.

Re: Influence [1968]

Wallace had the lp.
Got rid.

Only one decent track - first on side 2 ,I believe . Sounds like uk popsike.

Rest sucks.

Re: Influence [1968]

"Wallace had the lp. Got rid."

I'm sure the LP was very glad to get rid of you.