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boring Popsike/Discogs Marketplace question

When you go to these places to get prices it would appear they only list seller ASKING prices - which means little.

Guy been telling me that on Discogs you can go to a corner that takes you to actual lp SOLD prices.

I'm not seeing it.

Or is this because I'm on the limited free access???

Any other good sites for pricing besides these two?

Re: boring Popsike/Discogs Marketplace question

As far as I see Popsike list the finished auction, so real paid prices, and I'm a member in Discogs and can see this:

32rd Turn Off

Have: 33
Want: 319
Avg Rating: 3.75 / 5
Ratings: 12

Last Sold: 22 Aug 19
Lowest: €99.99
Median: €198.00
Highest: €460.00

Re: boring Popsike/Discogs Marketplace question has lists of vinyl sold, price, country, site, condition, etc. You get a certain small amount of free checks before you have to create an account and use your login.

Re: boring Popsike/Discogs Marketplace question

Three more sites would be (free) (free) & (subscription required)

Ebay also list prices after an auction has finished....but being honest so much depends on
condition, pressing, label, format etc and despite an album being listed at such and such price ultimately it's about demand and supply and what somebody is prepared to pay. I recently used a few sources to value my collection and it worked out between £60 - £80K but I'm in no doubt that if I ever came to sell I'd be lucky to get 25K unless I sold each item separately via sites such as Discogs, Ebay, CD&LP,com, Amazon etc .. which could take forever.

That being said it still gives me a thrill that the Blitkrieg Bop single I bought for 50p forty years ago is now selling for £350+