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60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

Wallace not saying it was obligatory, but, as a collector, the thing that does vex me about collecting psych is the chance of you being landed with a good lp marred by that one bum track.

These tracks would be of the gay music hall/jugband/30's vaudeville/Charleston-vocoder/kazoo-laiden/novelty variety. Sticking out like a sore thumb.

It seems to have been mainly an American plague but , of course, it happened in UK as well. Take, say, the last pub-sound track on Cream's "Disraeli Gears".) Of course Paul McCartney was a main promoter of this - I believe Lennon himself in one song derides Paul as composing "granny music". Deacon would surmise that Paul was heavy into sappy 50's music. You have lps(okay EP) like "Magical Mystery Tour which are ruined by old-timey, throwaway tracks like "When I'm 64" (which Lawrence Welk covered - for the Geritol crowd - more than the once - alongside atrocities like "Winchester Cathedral".
Yep , Beatles had a lot to answer for.

And it wasn't just this music hall dross. Even more often a psych-ish lp was ruined by the blues track.

I think that - especially in America - with the vast success of bubblegum like Winchester Cathedral, bands that wanted to remain true to the emerging psychedelic vision/trend/wotever would be pressured by devil-producers to include that one straight pop/blues ACCESSABLE track.

Wallace first noticed this happening on the East coast with the "Harvard"-sound - say the political chant on the Freakscene lp, but it quickly spread to many a West coast.

Some US examples of psych lps damaged by a single track:

first Electric Prunes
Common People
H.P.Lovecraft - first lp
Glass Family
Troll - Animated Music
Ultimate Spinach - first
United States of America
Kaleidoscope - first (the US band)

and then there are those ruined by a blues track:
Savage Ressurection
20th Century Zoo
Bow Street Runners


On a slight aside: back then it was common for a rock lp to be cleaved by various styles. This is what they called experimentation. I suppose it was thought "progressive" to explore different styles.
You see this in the concerts of the day where you'd have things like Baez next to The Who ,next to ELP.

But nowadays, well, its a completely different story. Seems the bands are unable (or unwilling)to do this.

Wallace can only speak for Prog cos that is my area of expertise.
Literaly a new prog lp (or 5) is released PER DAY - often completely new bands.
You would be hard-pressed nowadays to find one of these recent prog lps to be anything but homogeneous going from track to track.

Very strange.

Well, Time cannot be rewound.
Things change.
For improvement or worse.

So lets see if any of you can come up with these crap songs/fillers ruining an otherwise strong psych-ey lp.

Wallace been going on about US lps, but I now want to restrict this thread to UK lps

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

Zing went the strings of my heart on the first Move album always killed the buzz a bit for me....:smiley:

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

I don't think there's a dud track on SF Sorrow. Tend to agree about McCartney, Rubber Soul has one dud track for me and that's his Michelle.
Mull OF Kintyre and Mary Had A Little Lamb are terrible and hard to believe they are from an ex Beatle. But then, Jet is a great track.

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

Cocky Song on Twilights otherwise perfect Once Upon A Twilight.

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

Any album with a drum solo could fit this criteria.

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

But for the fact that there are precious little drum solos in 60s/70s psych.

Re: 60's/70's "psych" lps with that single dud track

My personal bug with alot of them is the inclusion of intrusive olde time rock'n'roll covers (eg BeBopalula, Johnnie B Goode) - harshes the trip. I'll listen to the original if I want to listen to that sort of thing