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The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

No idea if this is a full track listing or not, it's a double CD, with only 12 tracks? They must have really jammed for ages on them if so. The song selection makes it enticing to investigate in any event.:slightly_smiling_face:


Additionally from an eBay ofer on the same title:

RELEASED 21st February 2020



Incredible performance live from the Fillmore West, San Francisco

Includes the entire KSAN-FM radio broadcast

Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality

Background liners and rare images

1 Till The End Of The Day 2 Last of The Steam Powered Trains 3 You're Lookin Fine 4 Mr. Churchill Says 5 Big Sky 6 You Really Got Me 7 Love Me Till The Sun Shines 8 Brainwashed 9 Milk Cow Blues/ See My Friend /Tired of Waiting/ Brainwashed 10 Louie Louie 11 Victoria 12 A Well Respected Man

Re: The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

Looking deeper on the net it seems this set has been doing the rounds on grey area CD and blog site download for a good while. I'd be interested to know from anyone who has heard it what the sound quality is like and how long the songs are if 12 songs cover 2 CDs.


Re: The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

Hi Paul. I have this and my copy has 13 tracks, including 2 medleys. Sound quality is very good [claimed to be a soundboard recording]. The final song is a medley of A Well Respected Man / Death of A Clown / Dandy and the 2nd track is Mindless Child of Motherhood [omitted from the forthcoming official release].

I think it runs to about an hour, so presumably the KSAN broadcast, as usual, is just under an hour.

Re: The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

Thanks Steve. As a double CD this new edition may have two 30 minute CDs then!


Re: The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

I'm not a fan of recorded live music so will give this one a miss[altho I did see The Kinks live in my town in '66 but saying that Ive just been listening to Tim Buckley - Dream Letter Live in London 1968 which is a superb live album Tim's voice and the guitar work really struck a chord with me..better than his studio albums

Re: The Kinks - Live in San Francisco in 1969

Well, just checked the gig out on the setlist website and it says they played at the Fillmore West for 4 days on this tour - 27th-30th November.
As I thought, their sets were a lot more than an hour, so maybe this new release has a complete show from one of those nights. If not, they might have jumbled up different gigs for their product. They certainly don't give much info. away on their pre-release advert!