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Arcadium / Anaconda

I wonder, did any of you snag the Anaconda soundfiles before they evaporated within the googlesphere?

the "Riding Alone" track was of course included on the Arcadium album but it would be nice to hear the other titles, a couple of them have asterisks next to them to further pique the intrigue!

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

This was recorded post-Arcadium and was more acid folky. I thought it was really good stuff. Riding Alone was not the same version as released on Arcadium's 45. I'm pretty sure I downloaded them at the time, but can't seem to find them at the moment. The acetate was for sale a couple of years ago for £800, so I assume it is now tucked away in the collection of some rich hoarder.

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

I have them and could trade these plus the Nightmare acetate and the 4 tracks of the Visions compilation for a complete Jeremy Harmer LP and possibly the only Arcadium track I miss so far, the Poor Lady - Demo of the Acme lp