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Arcadium / Anaconda

I wonder, did any of you snag the Anaconda soundfiles before they evaporated within the googlesphere?

the "Riding Alone" track was of course included on the Arcadium album but it would be nice to hear the other titles, a couple of them have asterisks next to them to further pique the intrigue!

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

This was recorded post-Arcadium and was more acid folky. I thought it was really good stuff. Riding Alone was not the same version as released on Arcadium's 45. I'm pretty sure I downloaded them at the time, but can't seem to find them at the moment. The acetate was for sale a couple of years ago for £800, so I assume it is now tucked away in the collection of some rich hoarder.

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

I have them and could trade these plus the Nightmare acetate and the 4 tracks of the Visions compilation for a complete Jeremy Harmer LP and possibly the only Arcadium track I miss so far, the Poor Lady - Demo of the Acme lp

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

This original post is well over 2 years ago,so i thought i'd add additional info

The 10" Anaconda acetate album(of which was thought only 1 acetate was made) got a release by Seelie Court titled"Sympathy For The Madman",it was amongst their first batch of reissues,and i thoroughly enjoyed the whole album,it's a total departure from the heavy progadelic Arcadium "Breathe Awhile"album and related recordings.

Anaconda certainly has a more hippie type folky sound and vibe,with violin,and flute,and is all written by Arcadium mainman Miguel Sergides,this guy was real talent,and unfortunately the 5 tracks on the album are all that was left as they recorded much more,they did record 12 new numbers after being signed up with the Shel Talmy Organisation,and Hugh Murphy(stealers wheel) was allocated production duties,with assistance from members of The Herd and Blue Mink,and Terri Quaye,the sister of Caleb Quaye,but unfortunately Shel Talmy had to return over the ocean abruptly as his mother was on her death bed,and all recordings were cancelled,and it seems the tapes with the recordings were either discarded or reused,with NO evidence of those 12 songs surviving,which really was a pity,as this band had real promise.

To make matters worse,Migel Sergides,a fantastic songwriter and arranger as evidenced on the Arcadium and Anaconda recordings,lost everything,literally,in a house fire in the 80s,all his musical legacy,all his belongings etc,including the Anaconda acetate it was thought....but alas an Anaconda acetate turned up elsewhere,with 5 tracks,and it was recordings made in 1969 right after Arcadium,and before they got the deal with Shel Talmy.

And the Seelie Court reissue is the evidence of a magical sounding band very much off its time,much in a folky underground vein,but after the devastating cancelling of the Talmy deal,that was the end of Anaconda!!

Miguel Sergides was to take to the West End stage in 1970,in a musical"Isabel's A Jezebel"composed by Galt McDermot of "Hair" fame.

He was also the brains behind a band Called Savanna Silver Band,who issued an Australian only album in 1977,as Miguel had relocated to there,which has been described as a melding of funk and disco with extended progressive structured tracks,this has also been reissued by Seelie Court,but THAT description does nothing but put me off from buying that particular reissue,personally that description does not sound like my bag.I really should give it a whirl,as everything Miguel Sergides has done,i've really enjoyed and rated.

1977 sure isn't 1969,different times,different music,different culture.

Re: Arcadium / Anaconda

You can listen to Savanna here