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Italian sixties music question

Just come across a 1969 Italian album where the genre is called Pussy is the album
1969 - Giuliano Sorgini - Musica da Ballo..would anyone have any idea of the genre? Mr Google only refers to rap music.
I know the first comment will be from Watty

Re: Italian sixties music question

If your an arsehole and allow your playing field to be dictated by fads - which is to say your turning over stinky sand in the sandbox - then...go for it.
It makes me feel superior.

If you fall for arseholes sampling, and the language of "dope beats","funky drum breaks" and such...well, go to!

But if your "jonesing" for a more serious hit, TAKE IN THE ENTIRE LP.

Sure, Italian , and pretty well all library discs, have the painfully mediocre mixed with better tracks. But, I ask you, what is worse?, patchy or BEING MANIPULATED.

So, listen to the entire lp. Actually Giuliano Sorgini's (aka Raskovitch) "Under Pompelmo" is pretty well solid. (With enough organ - Farfisa maybe,cos Hammonds were hard to come by in Italy 60s - to make a proghead happy. Although this is not prog.)

"Avoro E Tempo Libero" and "Zoo Folle" are other good lps.

I think he also did the "Living Dead at Manchester Morgue" soundtrack - or was that Frizzi?

Sorry Phil. Don't know this "pussy beat". Don't wanneur knos it.

Re: Italian sixties music question

Never heard of him!

it looks many tracks are available on the tube

Re: Italian sixties music question

Youtube has just two tracks from this "Ballo" record.
I just listened to them .

Total sleepy lounge rubbish. They sound the same. (No "beats". if that is wot yer after.)

If the entire "Ballos" lp is like this then most anything else by Sorgini is far better.