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Put your music genre joke here

Two prog friends falling out:

Wakey worshiper:
"When I'm done with you, you won't be able to list the various time signature changes throughout "Criminal Record".You won't be able keep track of whether it was Bruford or White that played drums on 'Heart of the Sunrise.'"

Emo worshiper:
"Oh yeah, cocksucker? You're gonna need so many transfusions that only King Crimson will have benefited more by the influx of new blood. Your ass-kicking is gonna be just like "Karn Evil 9": loud, fast, and perfected in one take ... except it won't go on for 29 minutes and 37 seconds, as it did in the original release."

RUSH fanboy joins the fracas:

"Shit-pants, kickin' your ass is gonna be a lot easier than the guitar part in 'YYZ.' No joke, some of that shit's in, like, 10/8. Man, Alex Lifeson is underrated."

(Aye. Wallace got this from another forum.)

Re: Put your music genre joke here

I'm convinced you're that oily irritant outta Falkirk who called my radio phone-in show incessantly in the 90's.