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Graham Bond reckky question

Can it really be true that "Love Is The Law" and Mighty Grahame Bond" lps were only released in US? (Pulsar label '68 '69) If so then very strange, I'd say. Can't think of another example of a rather well-known UK early rock/blues artist being not pressed in UK but in the US where he must of been much-less regarded back then.

I lurv these two short lps because they are not as direct bluesy as "Solid Bond" and they are very Hammond-centered (with a fabulous organ tone).
They are impossible to find here in Leutonia. I've only seen the "Mighty" lp once.

Maybe some of these tracks turn up elsewhere on UK press????

Love Is The Law 3:26
Moving Towards The Light 4:29
Our Love Will Come Shining Through 3:03
I Couldn't Stand It Anymore 4:10
Sun Dance 2:24
Crossroads Of Time 2:33
Bad News Blues 2:50
Strange Times, Sad Times 3:57
The Naz 3:30
The World Will Soon Be Free

Water, Water 3:43
Oh Shining One 2:50
Pictures In The Fire 2:02
Baroque 3:03
Sisters And Brothers 5:30
Stiffnecked Chicken 3:18
Freaky Beak 4:53
Walk Onto Me 3:07
Magic Mojo 3:04
Brothers And Sisters

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Hi Wallace, as far as I'm aware they never got a UK release, notice the change of spelling of his first name on those albums.To me both those albums are more enjoyable than his other albums,as you say some great organ with a less obvious bluesy rnb vibe, the sounds more in keeping with the sounds coming out in the late 60s, as he was one of the first to use a mellotron it's great to hear it so s beautifully on love is the law,which the Welsh group eyes of blue covered fantastically also,in fact I may just prefer their version of that song. Maybe those 2 albums were a contract issue, as I'm sure at a time he had no recording contract, so it is quite unusual for someone as well known in the UK, to record and release 2 albums in the US only, I was so happy that both albums were reissued on cd by esoteric, along with the eyes of blue albums too
.love those albums though!!

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

The only other example I can think of - just now- is the UK group ,Diabolus, releasing their fine lp only in Germany.
(Not that Diabolus was anywhere as well-known in ol'Blighty as Bond.)

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Mr Wallace what is your favourite Hammond centred album of all time..ever!

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Hard to say, Jimmeh.

Too ferkin many of 'em.

Right arf the bats, "Cold Cuts" and "Den of Iniquity" come to mind.

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Try this excellent website for lots of excellent info on Mr Bond-

UK bands released in the US include - Mahogany, Oran Utan, Jodo, Methuselah

Odin were released in Germany only

I'm sure there are other examples- didn't someone do a list?

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Loads of UK bands only released LPs in foreign territories - Creation, Smoke, Kinetic, Tucky Buzzard (one US/Italy only and one Spain only), Sorrows, Freedom, Rokes, HiFis, Remo Four, probably loads more too.

There was an LP released in the UK by Graham Bond that compiled tracks from his Pulsar LPs as Bond In America. I also think his 2 Organization LPs are his peak, particularly Bond Between Us. I also love his Page One 45, which embraces psych.

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Re: Graham Bond reckky question

Camel-Under Age (Italy/Germany)
Colonel Bagshot-Oh What A Lovely War(U.S./Italy)
Crazy Mabel-s/t(Holland/Germany)
The Creation-We Are Paintermen(Germany/Denmark)
Creepy John Thomas-Brother Bat Bone(Germany)
The DeeJays-Haze(Sweden)
Duffy-Just In Case You're Interested(France)
Fickle Pickle-Sinful Skinful(Holland)
Mark Fry-Dreaming With Alice(Italy)
Nick Garrie-The Nightmare Of J B Stanislas(France)
Dana Gillispie-Foolish Seasons(U.S.)
Gong-Continental Circus(France)
Hallelujah-Hallelujah Babe(Germany)
I Drive-s/t(Germany)
The Iveys-maybe Tomorrow(Japan/Germany/Italy)
Chris Spedding-Song Without Words(Japan)
John Jones-Collage(Germany)
The Kinetic-Live Your Life(France)
Light Of Darkness-s/t(Germany)
Little Big Horn-s/t(Germany)
Lodestone-Time Flies(Germany)
Majority One-s/t(France/Germany/Spain/Italy/Holland/Brazil)
Mayfield's Mule-s/t(Uruguay)
Methusalah-Matthew Mark Luke & John(U.S.)
Morning Calm-Song Under A Tree(France/Canada)
Mother Superior-Lady Madonna(Sweden)
The Motowns-s/t(Italy)
Orang Utan-s/t(U.S.)
The Red Squares-s/t(Denmark)
The Remo Four-Smile(Germany)
The Rokes-Vol 2(Italy)
Rust-Come With Me(Germany)
Samuel Prody-s/t(Germany)
Smoke-It's Smoke Time(Germany)
The Sorrows-Old Songs New Songs(Italy)
John St Field-Control(France)
Tucky Buzzaard-Coming On Again(Spain/Brazil)
Zior-Every Inch A Man(Germany)
The Renegades-released seven albums in countries such as Finland/Holland/Germany/Austria/Italy
Jackie Lomax-Livin For Lovin(U.S.)
Terry Reid-Bang Bang You're Terry Reid(U.S./Canada/N.Z.)
Geff Harrison-Salford(Germany/Australia)
Shel Shapiro-Sawdust Circus(Germany)
Them-Time In Time Out; Now & Them(U.S.)