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Pyramid game

Not sure if I done this here beefwhore.
A game to pass the isolation time:

I will NOT be participating in the game. (Cos, were that the case, I'd make mincemeat of you guppies.)

I will , however, officiate.
I am the major domus. I am the tally-man. I set the rules and the rules are these:

Each level of construction of this pwog/psych pyramid consists of blocks.

First we have to lay the foundation.

The first line of construction consistes of a row of 20 blocks.

Each level has one block less than the previous...till we get to the final apex-block.

At which point the game ends.

Each block that you lay is a band/artist name. Each block you put down you get one point.

If you add, in that block, a track name that starts with the same letter as the band given, you get another point.

Each level is a letter of the alphabet which I will notify youse of.

Each level is allowed a certain construction time - I'm not telling. (If the level is not finished in time, the pyramid will look SHIT and this will all be down to your non-co-operation, Jimmeh Spoiler.)

In addition:

Five certain blocks -which I have randomly chosen and written on a paper here - are "one-up" blocks: 5 extra points if you answer the question correctly. 5 points minus if you answer incorrectly.

Finally, if you bring up a band (like say, Supertramp) which is NOT prog, you will be insulted. (But no points lost.)

Oh yeah - per level you can contribute a max of five submissions.

Got it?

I will start with an example:
first level is letter "G".

I submit the band Gryphon. That's one point. In addition I submit the track "Gavin Gimbold" from the same band.

That gives me 2 points.

Now there are 19 vacant spots left on the first level.

Re: Pyramid game

That went well.... NOT!

Re: Pyramid game

Purplepillpusher sounds familiar.

Were you any chance on PsychedelicPunk forum (long defunct)?

Re: Pyramid game

That would most likely have been I .... sadly it's not just the forum that is now DE-FUNKED