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Zombies biography

is there a Zombies biography out there?

I found Time of the Season: The Zombies Collector's Guide Paperback on Amazon but £76 i don't think so.
When i searched the Kindle Store all i got was the walking dead!.


Re: Zombies biography

Hi Steve,
I found this:
Paperback. Acceptable condition. The cover is heavily worn but the text is fine.
I can get my sister to send it to you for £10 if that's OK. Please send me your address!

Re: Zombies biography

The Zombies Hung Up On A Dream (a biography 1962-1967)
Claes Johansen, S.A.F. Publishing 2001 ~230 pps

I read this when it came out and it was pretty good, I recall. I got my copy signed by Colin and Rod.

Re: Zombies biography

Hi Jim. This is interesting. Can you share a pic of it here please? Do you still have it?

Re: Zombies biography

I still have it Steve (I'm a packrat; I don't get rid of music books or records). I'll try and dig it out and take a picture of it on the weekend.