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Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

This is advertised as 'newly remastered' and it's on the German Reprtoire label an A List remastering reissue label. But anyway, I only just noticed it:

Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels. Solo recordings 1965-1976

It has 11 previously unreleased tracks (of the 24 on the disc) and has a 68 minute run time. It comes in a gatefold digipak with a 32pp booklet. It was Released on 29th May. I just ordered it @ £15 from Amazon:


1. Knowing
2. Mr Zero
3. All The Pretty Little Horses
4. Only The Black Rose (demo)*
5. Glimpses (demo)*
6. Shapes in My Mind
7. Echoes I May Find*
8. Shining Where the Sun Has Been
9. Henry's Coming Home
10. Love Mum and Dad
11. Together Now
12. Line Of Least Resistance*
13. Try Believing
14. High Mountain Theme (demo)
15. End And Out*
16. Just Think What You're Achieving*
17. Collector Of The Light*
18. I'd Love To Love You Till Tomorrow
19. High Mountain Theme
20. All The Falling Angels
21. Cherokee*
22. Voice Echo*
23. The Roundalay*
24. Sunbury Electronics Sequence*

Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

Thanks for that Paul. Had no idea there would be enough material for a release.

Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

Looking forward to hearing this...
Is there any material of Keith Relf playing with Brian Jones?
Thanks for the heads up Paul

Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

Don't know specifically but is advertised as 'solo work and collaborations' so who knows.


Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

I have now had a chance to play the Keith Relf CD and read the liners. I thought I’d do a potted review for the benefit of anyone considering getting it.

The packaging
is a card gatefold digipak with a plastic retainer clip. The front cover is designed to have a pocket on its inside into which the 32pp booklet slips easily in and out of. The booklet pictures Relf and the Yardbirds at various stages ad is nice and glossy.

There’s two authors for the liners.
Firstly, Christ Welch, who watched them play in 1964 and interviewed them thereafter and secondly, a lengthier and sensitive assessment of Relf’s solo years by Mike Stax with useful contributions from band mates and especially Relf’s widow, April. It’s all a good read and I would urge people to read the booklet before playing the disc, it will make a lot more sense of it.

The disc
On first listening I’d have to say this is one for hard core collectors and fans of Yardbirds and related material. A good deal of it comprises of home demos (more like embryonic sketches) of Relf singing or humming melodies over a strummed acoustic guitar. Sometimes with other people (usually Chris Dreja) or vocally backed by his younger sister Jane who then fronted Renaissance and as a band they contributed to some of the tunes on the disc (there’s no Brian Jones, sorry!). The demos chosen here were some of the better ones that were doing the rounds two decades or more ago from a large crop of home demos on tapes then CDRs apparently but much of it was not that good. Obviously, these kind of reference sketches were never intended for the public to hear. So like the multifarious home demos of Marc Bolan or Pete Ham’s Keyhole Street Demos there’s a range of inspiration in them and a variable sound quality on some. However, the overwhelming majority of these recordings are in great sonic shape.

Therefore, this is not something you will want to pull off the shelf and play every day, but it does make a very interesting insight into the creative process post Yardbirds. It is ironic Keith Relf died at just 33 but not from the life-long health problems he had. He left a great legacy with the Yardbirds and shows he could have further diversified the sounds he was experimenting with – the final track is a playful electronic (Moog and effects) try out. It is though track 20 ‘All The Fallen Angels’ that steals the show. A full band rendition of a song he had been working on for some time seemingly.

So it’s a mixed bunch of acoustic home demos, semi-structured work outs plus the released singles. It’s definitely good to have this collection that gives a new picture of Relf as an evolving folkie as much as a blues singer and I think a brave young man who did what he was moved to with only one lung and a constant reliance on an asthma inhaler – you’d never know that to listen to him sing.


Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD


Re: Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels CD

Nice review my mind I could see Keith Relf and Brian Jones jamming together