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Jimi Hendrix

(translated from French by Bing Translator) On the web I can't find a picture of Jimi Hendrix sitting with a big puppet on his lap. The puppet has the face of Jimi Hendrix as if it were his clone caricatured ... This photo existed (L.P. ... magazine..?) but I can't find it anymore and I need it.

Re: Jimi Hendrix

I googled 'Jimi Hendix with puppets' and quite a few come up might be helpful to you

Re: Jimi Hendrix

band of gypsies had a puppet cover

Re: Jimi Hendrix

one [Newly Painted], jwn, Yes, thank you... I'm getting closer to the goal... It's these dolls but the image in my memory is a doll with the effigy of Jimi Hendrix on the lap of Jimi Hendrix himself. (like his psyko child on the lap). It's a psycho representation like the 60s / 70s and I need it to make my developments more credible