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French Funny Punk Sounds

I've just come across a massive box set called the above. It has 300 tracks but I can find no info on the box set. would anyone be able to help please?
Can I come out of my rabbit hole yet?

Re: French Funny Punk Sounds

Is this a download / CDR box set someone has made themselves? The only commercial relation I can think of is the four LP compilation series 'Ils Sont Fous ces Gaulois' which in English translates as 'They Are Crazy These Gauls' on Disques Ronnie label from 10-15 years ago. Your set might have started life as these four LPs then been added to perhaps?

Check the track lists out on Discogs:


Re: French Funny Punk Sounds

Thanks Paul this box set is in alphabetical order A-Z so I think its a diy job..if anyone wants it leave a note & email addy

This link has a tracklist [but no music]

Re: French Funny Punk Sounds

Interest piqued...let's see what's so funny about these French punksters.
Please send link or whatever to Thanks

Re: French Funny Punk Sounds

Hi Mark when I rip it I will send you a link thanks for your interest