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Crocheted Doughnut Ring

Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Crocheted Doughnut Ring was a British psychedelic band that was formed in 1967 out of 2 other bands, Force Five and The Fingers, both of which were managed by British producer Peter Eden. Eden came up with the name after a Peter Blake pop-art collage. He also pseudonymously wrote their debut single Two Little Ladies (Azalea & Rhododendron). The line up consisted of Richard Mills (guitar, vocals), Brett Pulham (lead guitar
Bonus tracks are by Force Five and The Fingers
tracks are
01- Havana Anna.mp3
02-Happy Castle .mp3
03-Two Little Ladies.mp3
05-Dance Around Julie.mp3
06-The Bandit.mp3
07-Maxines Parlour by .mp3
08- Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes.mp3
09-[bonus] The Fingers - All Kinds Of People.mp3
10-[bonus]Force Five -Yea I'm Waiting.mp3
12-[bonus]The Fingers.I Go to Sleep.mp3
13-[bonus]The Force-Don't Know Which Way To Turn.mp3
14-[bonus]Force Five - Gee To Tiger.mp3
15-[bonus] The Fingers - Circus With A Female Clown.mp3
16-[bonus]The Fingers - My Way Of Thinking .mp3


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Cheers Phil.

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Mark K made this nice artwork for Crocheted Donut Ring Singles cd which I posted last week I think