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Diggin' For Gold Vol.11 LP

From Sweden's Hotstuff mail order:


DIGGIN´ FOR GOLD is back, stronger than ever picking up the vibes. 16 tracks with liner notes about each track. Comped for the Very First Tyme!
After two volumes of only US bands this one goes back to the initial formula - 45´s from all around the world - and once again lets you explore great sixties primitive beat to cool pop beat, all tracks bearing that DFG quality mark. from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Unfortunately no tracks from Antartica. Maybe on vol 12, right?
Compiled by Erik Meinen.
Limited edition 500 copies, vinyl only.

1. Dickie Loader & The Blue Jeans - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning (Parlophone, SOUTH AFRICA 1967)
2. Moon Spinners - Soul On Fire (Columbia, NORWAY 1967)
3. Les Relax - Quatre Vingts Cavalliers (Decca, SWITZERLAND 1965)
4. Princes Of Israel - Try To Understand (Decca, GERMANY 1967)
5. The Boys - Walk Back To Me (Philips, SINGAPORE 1967)
6. Kano Y Los Bulldogs - Todo Quedo Atras (Ya Todo Paso) (Vik, ARGENTINA 1968)
7. The Light Stones - Mary-Ann (Meno, SWITZERLAND 1967)
8. Les Vipères - Please Go Away (Covadia, BELGIUM 1965)
1. The Menace - You Don't Even Wink Your Eye (Diamond, HONG KONG 1967)
2. Mavi Isiklar - Ain't That So (Sayan, TURKEY 1967)
3. Teenagers - I Can Hear Them Play (Columbia, SWEDEN 1966)
4. Les Hou-Lops - Lonely Riverman (Apex, CANADA 1965)
5. Los Flecos - Estás Lejos (Vergara, SPAIN 1965)
6. The Rackers - Love Is Lavish (Paletten, GERMANY 1966)
7. Les Marquis - Silence On The Shore (VRC, AUSTRIA 1969)
8. Judge Wayne & the Convicts - I'm Crying (Viking, NEW ZEALAND 1965)

Re: Diggin' For Gold Vol.11 LP

Pre-ordered! This was first announced years ago, so it's great to see it's finally coming out. I'm excited about that track list!
I've heard from reliable sources that DFG vol. 12 will be a Finnish special.

Re: Diggin' For Gold Vol.11 LP

I wish Particles would put out the DFG Vols. 6-10 cd box set to go with the first one. Seems odd why they have left that so long.:expressionless: