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Psychedelic Sixties

I recently bought this great sounding double cd..£5.75 fro Amazon[Union Square Music] here is tracklist
Disc: 1
1. Mr. Mind Detector - Status Quo
2. Riding On a Wave - The Turnstyle
3. Hot Smoke & Sasafrass - The Mooche
4. Lavender Popcorn - Scrugg
5. Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room - The Orange Machine
6. Pictures in the Sky - The Orange Seaweed
7. Running Wild - Fresh Air
8. Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red - The Sorrows
9. Yellow Rainbow - The Rockin' Berries
10. Real Life Permanent Dream - The Orange Machine
11. Kaleidoscope - Marmalade
12. Suddenly Winter - The Tremeloes
13. Spinning Wheel - Blonde On Blonde
14. Crazy Dreams - The Searchers
15. Colour Sergeant Lillywhite - West Coast Consortium
16. Country Life - Blonde On Blonde
17. Where Is the Mind? - Pesky Gee!
18. Auntie Nellie - Status Quo
19. Cave of Clear Light - The Bystanders
20. I Won't Hurt You - Neo Maya

Disc: 2
1. Biography - Woody Kern
2. You're Just What I Was Looking for Today - Status Quo
3. Stay Awhile - The Orange Seaweed
4. I Can See Through You - Episode Six
5. Fredrick Jordan - The Glass Menagerie
6. I Can See the Sky - Fire
7. Stay Indoors - The New Formula
8. I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone - Anan
9. Tamaris Khan - The Onyx
10. Only George - Scrugg
11. She's a Rainbow - The Glass Menagerie
12. So Sad Inside - The Onyx
13. All Day, All Night - Blonde On Blonde
14. Counting Time My Way - Taxi
15. Captain Reale - Gentle Influence
16. Haunted - Peter Thorogood
17. Locked in a Room - The Poets
18. Time and Motion Man - Episode Six
19. Haze Woman - Anan
20. In the Valley of the Shadow of Love - Tuesday's Children

Re: Psychedelic Sixties

The Rockin Berries track was a revelation I didnt realise they had done a Psyche track I wonder why they never did any more

Re: Psychedelic Sixties

That rockin berries track is tremendous Phil, I heard it for the first time when I bought the double cd comp released by sanctuary, as I found a lot on this double cd quite disappointing, particularly their attempts at humour, but that track is for me their best recording and should be up there with the best of them, that cd you've bought is a good tracklist, for anyone wanting to hear some UK psych that is certainly well worthwhile having, but because I've been listening to this for years now I do have every track on that, but for someone starting out that's a very good comp!! Some great songs there, always loved Mr mind detector by status quo,to my ears one of their most psyched out numbers, on the fab spare parts album if I remember right.