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The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

This has been my favourite album by The Who for as long as I can remember, so I'm really excited about this!

Box set features 112 tracks, including unheard demos & studio sessions

The Who‘s 1967 album The Who Sell Out will be reissued as a seven-disc super deluxe edition box set in April.

The album was originally planned by Pete Townshend and the band’s managers (Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp) as a loose concept album with jingles and commercials linking the songs. This approach was partly because the record label were demanding a new record and Townshend felt as if he didn’t have enough songs!

In the end, rather than actually going as far as to sell advertising space on the album, the band opted to write their own jingles, with a nod to pirate radio stations and an increasingly consumerist society. The iconic sleeve plays an important part of the overriding concept and was created by David King who was the art director at the Sunday Times, and Roger Law (yes, the guy who invented UK TV’s Spitting Image show, in the 1980s).

Only The Who’s third album, The Who Sell Out is regarded highly and features the transatlantic top ten hit ‘I Can See For Miles’.

The new Super Deluxe Edition of The Who Sell Out includes five CDs and two seven-inch singles and features 112 tracks, 46 of which are unreleased. The optical discs break down as follows:

CD 1 – Original mono mix, mono As & Bs and unreleased mono mixes
CD 2 – Original stereo mix and stereo bonus tracks
CD 3 – Studio out-takes, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ versions of early takes of songs from the album sessions, ‘studio chat’ etc.
CD 4 – ‘The Road to Tommy’ will contain stereo mixes of the studio tracks recorded in 1968 – some previously unreleased – plus 1968 As and Bs mono mixes (all tracks remixed from original 4 and 8-track session tapes in The Who vault)
CD 5 – 14 of Pete Townshend’s original demos, previously unreleased & exclusive to this set
Of the two seven-inch singles, one is a Track Records UK reproduction featuring an early mono mix of ‘I Can See For Miles’ (with a single-tracked vocal). This is backed with ‘Someone’s Coming’ (single mix with single-tracked vocal). The other is a Decca USA reproduction of Magic Bus (US/UK mono) backed with ‘Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde’ (original US Decca single mix).

The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition (click image to enlarge)
All these discs come packaged in an 80-page hardcover book which features all the usual photos/memorabilia etc. and comes with a track-by-track annotation and new sleeve notes by Pete Townshend with comments from the likes of Pete Drummond (Radio London DJ), Richard Evans (designer) & Roy Flynn (the Speakeasy Club manager). The book slots into an outer slipcase which features the classic cover art.

This set also comes with a lot of ‘stuff’. Nine (count ’em) posters and various replicas. See below:

20” x 30” original Adrian George poster
Gig posters – City Hall, Newcastle: The Who, Traffic & The Tremeloes
Saville Theatre 8-page programme.
Business card for the Bag o’ Nails club, Kingly Street
Fan Club photo of group.
Flyer for Bath Pavilion concerts including The Who.
Crack-back bumper sticker for Wonderful Radio London.
Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club membership card
Who Fan Club newsletter.

As well as the big box set, there will be a two-CD deluxe and a 2LP stereo vinyl edition of The Who Sell Out. The former features the first two CDs from the box set (the album in stereo and mono with bonus tracks for each) while the later is the stereo version of the album with stereo bonus tracks on the second vinyl LP (there is a mono version of the 2LP set only available via Who/Universal channels).

The Who Sell Out will be released on 23 April 2021.

1. Armenia City in The Sky 3:47
2. Heinz Baked Beans 0:58
3. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand 2:34
4. Odorono 2:30
5. Tattoo 2:48
6. Our Love Was 3:23
7. I Can See for Miles 4:06
8. I Can’t Reach You 3:27
9. Medac 0:56
10. Relax 2:38
11. Silas Stingy 3:03
12. Sunrise 3:04
13. Rael / Track Records run-off groove 5:54

14. Pictures of Lily (original UK Track single mix) 2:46
15. Doctor, Doctor (original UK Track single mix) 3:01
16. The Last Time (original UK Track single mix) 2:51
17. Under My Thumb (original UK Track single mix) 2:37
18. I Can See for Miles (original UK Track single mix) 4:03
19. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand (original US Decca single mix) 3:19
20. Someone’s Coming (original US Decca single mix) 2:28
21. Unused Radio London ad / Early Morning… (original 1967 mono mix) 3:04
22. Unused Radio London bulletin link /Jaguar (original 1967 mono mix) 2:50
23. Unused Radio London ad /Tattoo (early alternate mono mix) 3:05
24. Rael (Talentmasters Studio, New York early rough mix) 5:58
25. Sunn Amps promo spots 2:42
26. Great Shakes ad 1:07

Tracks 21, 24 & 25 previously unreleased

1. Armenia City in The Sky 3:50
2. Heinz Baked Beans 1:01
3. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand 2:34
4. Odorono 2:35
5. Tattoo 2:54
6. Our Love Was 3:25
7. I Can See for Miles 4:10
8. I Can’t Reach You 3:31
9. Medac 0:57
10. Relax 2:41
11. Silas Stingy 3:08
12. Sunrise 3:05
13. Rael 5:38

14. Rael Naïve (complete with organ coda ending) 1:38
15. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand (US single version) 3:27
16. Someone’s Coming 2:33
17. Summertime Blues 2:38
18. Glittering Girl 3:05
19. Early Morning Cold Taxi 2:59
20. Girl’s Eyes 2:52
21. Coke After Coke 1:09
22. Sodding About 2:51
23. Things Go Better with Coke 0:32
24. Hall of The Mountain King 4:27
25. Jaguar 2:58
26. Rael (remake; IBC version) / Track Records outro 6:26

Track 14 previously unreleased.

1. Glittering Girl (Take 4) (2018 remix) 3:29
2. Girl’s Eyes (Take 2) (2018 remix) 3:58
3. The Last Time (Take 8) 3:51
4. Under My Thumb (Take 3) (2018 remix with full ending) 3:13
5. Our Love Was (Take 2) 3:21
6. Relax (4-track to 4-track mix with Pete vocal) 3:22
7. Relax (Takes 1 and 2) 1:58
8. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand (Takes 1 & 9) 3:43
9. Relax (Remake Take 4) 2:37
10. I Can See for Miles (full version) 4:54
11. Medac (Take 11) 1:13
12. Odorono (Take 3) (2018 remix) 2:47
13. Heinz Baked Beans (Takes 1 & 3) (2018 remix) 2:16
14. Top Gear (Takes 1 & 2) (2018 remix) 3:03
15. Premier Drums (Takes 1 & 3) (2018 remix) 2:17
16. Charles Atlas (Take 1) 0:33
17. Rotosound Strings (Take 1) (2018 remix) 0:15
18. Track Records (2018 remix) 0:34
19. John Mason Cars (Takes 1 – 3) / Speakeasy / Rotosound Strings / Bag O’ Nails (2018 remixes) 1.02
20. It’s A Girl (aka ‘Glow Girl’) (Takes 1 & 3) 3:21
21. Mr Hyde (1st stage mix Take 1) 2:39
22. Little Billy (Takes 1 & 3) 4:14
23. Mrs Walker (aka ‘Glow Girl’) (4-track to 4-track mix, take 7) 2:31
24. Call Me Lightning (Take 1 backing track, stereo mix & jam) 6:12
25. Dogs (Take 3) 3:14
26. Melancholia (Take 1) 3:50
27. Shakin’ All Over (Take 3) 1:35
28. Magic Bus (Take 6) 3:00

Most tracks on CD 3 include studio chat, all tracks previously unreleased in this form.

1. Glow Girl 2:27
2. Faith in Something Bigger 3:09
3. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde 2:38
4. Call Me Lightning 2:23
5. Little Billy’s Doing Fine 2:19
6. Dogs 3:10
7. Melancholia 3:21
8. Fortune Teller 2:22
9. Facts Of Life (aka ‘Birds And Bees’, backing track) 3:22
10. Magic Bus (single version) 3:20
11. Call Me Lightning (US/UK mono single mix) 2:24
12. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (UK mono single mix) 2:39
13. Dogs (UK mono single mix) 3:07
14. Magic Bus (mono, longer version) 4:35

Track 9 previously unreleased

1. Kids? Do You Want Kids 1:43
2. Relax 3:44
3. Glow Girl 3:26
4. Glow Girl (Version 2) 3:00
5. Inside Outside USA 3:06
6. Jaguar 2:59
7. Little Billy 2:11
8. Odorono 3:09
9. Pictures of Lily 3:31
10. Relax (Version 2) 2:26
11. Melancholia (2018 remix) 3:21
12. Thinking of You All the While (‘Sunrise’ Version 2) 3:15
13. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand 3:15
14. I Can See for Miles 4:15

All previously unreleased and exclusive to the Super Deluxe Edition.

Track UK 45:
I Can See for Miles (early mono mix with single-tracked vocal)
Someone’s Coming (original UK Track single mix with single-tracked vocal)

Decca USA 45:
Magic Bus (US/UK mono)
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (original US Decca single mix)

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Oh well it looks like i'll be shelling out again for this which has to be the ultimate and final reissue of this magnificent album,i don't know about anyone else on here,i've always looked upon this album as The Whos psychedelic album,and many of the recordings around this album certainly have a lysergic feel about them,the double cd deluxe version ,featured many fab tracks not included on the album,and many of those i do class as psychedelia,not just in sound,but in their lyrics and vibe!!So this box set is certainly a must for me,as for the extrass like posters,postcards and vinhyl,i don't really care about those,as i usually look at them,put them back in the box,ony to be brought out on occasion,does anyone actually take those posters that feature in many box sets now out and put them on their walls?Maybe get them framed?Or do people like to keep the whole package together?As for vinyl included in cd packages,personally i don't like it,i don't play vinyl,and i'll not buy a record player,i'm not as sentimental as many collectors about what medium i play my music,so i wish the companies would stop mixing vinyl and cd in the same package,but its a money spinner,those who don't like cds,are the extra tracks included enough for them to part with their money,or are the 2 7" singles going to attract them?I am finding on some music sites i'm on,that many vinyl only collectors look down on cds,and the analism of some of them can be irritating as if me buying many cds,is not worth the same as their original vinyl with some weird matrix number in the plastic,if thats their priority,good luck to them,but dont look down oncds and those that buy cds,my love of this music is what matters to me,not how much a bloody original 1967 album is worth!!I really couldnt give a shit,it's making me withdraw from discussion groups,because i do sometimes put a lot of work into posts,but because its cds,many are NOT interested!!I dislike snobbery of any kind,anyway thats me had my vent!!Whether those people like it or not,cds are part of the music business and a great and quite cheap way to gather a fabulous collection of 60s and 70s music,and for companies to still be investing in cd box sets like they do,theres obviously still a market out there,plus by ordering those sets from smalleer stores or those smaller cd reissue companies,i'm helping them stay afloat,so thats another very positive issue with CDs,plus the sound is very good on the vast majority now!As if you donyt get crap vinyl pressings!!!Sorry but this looking down on cds has annoyed me for a few years,the shit i've heard on many sites bad mouthing cds from vinyl buyers,is excruciatingly frustrating!!To put it bluntly is bad for those small companies who specialize in cd reissues,so i'm over the moon a massive group like The Who are still issuing fab box sets like this,a package you will very rarely get with vinyl!!!


This box set sounds and i bet will look magnificent,i'm so looking forward to hearing those unreleased recordings and alternate versions and mixes,plus a cracking book by the sounds of it!!The Who Sell Out is theitr best album in my opinion,i have all the released deluxe cd reissues,but i find it strange as far as i know their second album A Quick One has never had a deluxe cd treatment,a 2 cd release with lots of extra tracks,i wonder why that is??Or maybe i've missed a deluxe release of it??Again APOLOGIES for my rant off sorts,its putting me off taking part in many discussion groups!!

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Deep breaths Stuart....;-)

I personally like archive sets like this on CD - to put all this music on a vinyl set would be really bulky and not easy to use. That is why I got the 13th Floor Elevators 3 eyed men set on CD and not vinyl, along with other such sets where you get the choice.

Having said that, I have been a vinyl collector for 40 odd years and was never a fan of CDs when they came out, partly because the music I wanted at the time was still only available if you could find the original vinyl. If I have a fetish for vinyl, it is really about first pressings, only because they are historical artifacts, not because of the sound. So I love my original laminated 1967 mono pressing of Sell Out which I paid £8 for back in 1989 and it is an event for me to play it. Reissues or unreleased archive material I am more than happy to have on CD.

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

I've got my pre-order in for the 'Sell Out' set. Glad it's the same presntation format as the 'My Genration' super deluxe box set as well.

Yes, agree on vinyl. I have a 1965 Brunswick pressing of The Who's 'My Genration' album. Also The Hollies 'Butterfly and 'Evolution' 1967 pressings and The Small Faces Decca albums for instance, all in mono. They do sound great, though my old knackeed stereo deck is not much longer for this world I fear. On vinyl LPs of contemporray artists, aren't these just the digital Wav files or whatever recordings anyway. For me the vinyl sound is dependant on if something was recorded and produced for vinyl / analogue in the first place, that makes all the difference. Otherwise you may as well listen to the CD anyway.

I find it amusing that contemporary artists issue their albums on vinyl and digital but bypass CD. So, the oldest medium is now 'cool' but the more recent CD isn't? Like Stuart, I prefer CDs only for box sets and don't really like the idea of mixed media sets. However, I will be getting the new Japan 'Quiet Life' vinyl / CD set as the CDs outnumber the vinyl content. I also have large boxes like the Nazareth set, 35 CDs and a couple of LPs and vinyl singles. In those cases I just regard the vinyl as art pieces to look at after playing them once.

If CD has a future (until they are considered 'hip' again) it is in the box set format. Currently, the John Mayall 35 CD set (if you have nearly £300 to spare)looks very nice (and that only goes as far as 1972) for instance. I can't see that coming out on vinyl!

I've posted it before but you should really watch / listen to Jeffrey Lewis & Voltage – ‘LPs’ song and video at:

Especilly near the end where he ditches vinyl for CDs! Says it all really.


Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Can someone tell me, why in 2021, with this umpteenth release of this album, why their isn't a fucking stereo release of Pictures of Lily for Christ's sake? I'll overlook they still haven't released the Daltrey demo of "Blue Caravan", but the fact that "Substitute" and "Pictures of Lily" still don't have stereo mixes released is ridiculous.

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition


Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

they'll do....

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Those are shite, and I should know, I made one of them, lol

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

well take it down then you clown.

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Crystal Tipps
well take it down then you clown.
I've now had this for a little over a week and I'm slowly going through it, and thoroughly enjoying it. The packaging is lovely, with lots of bells and whistles (no, there aren't any real bells and whistles included), and the sound! God damn, it's good!
I don't have a turntable, so the 45's are just nice to look at - but I'm sure they sound great.

I'm listening to CD 4: 'The Road to Tommy' as I write, and it's f*cking awesome!!

Anyone else picked this one up yet?

Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

Yes, I've got through the mono and stereo discs of the album + bonuses so far and really enjoying it. I like the way the whole package is done with the discs in their own wallets mounted inside the book that have further spoof adverts behind them. Some people can't be doing with the extra toot but I love the repro posters and trendy night club membership cards. I get all that stuff out to look at when I'm playing the discs, gives the whole thing a very colourful context. I like the essays in the book on different aspects of the album from the sleeve design and photogrpahy to the inclusion and exclusion of different tracks. I think the proportion of detail in this sense is just right. As much as I love the big Beatles super deluxe box sets, there is such a lot of technical detail on the recording side in the books that I just find myself dipping in to and flipping through the text rather than reading from cover to cover. This Who set though gives you enough without making you glaze over.


Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

I've always classed this album as The Whos psychedelic album,whetrher anyone else thinks that i don't know!!I got deluxe box set last week,i loved all the niknaks,particularly the copy of the poster given out with so many copies of the original album,its a thing of beauty!

As i know the album so well,i skipped the mono and stereo,and went straight to the stuff i'm not as familiar with,all the extras.still to give the demos a full listen that Pete Townsend did in his home studio.The extras are brilliant,hearing them in alternative forms or takes,or works in progress,makes me even more convinced this was the Who at their most lysergic sounding,i had the double cd set issued quite a few years ago,which had a chunk of extra tracks which wee tremendous,but this box set,is on another level,but of course its much pricier than that old deluxe cd,but theres so much more,i paid £84 for this super deluxe box set,ive seen it going for near a £100 now in some places.So i'm happy i preordered this a while back.In my view,yes its a fair amount to pay,and i always think these type of box sets can price many people out of the market,which is always a shame,this is a major treat to myself,as ive only ever spent this much on one box set and that was the 13th Floor Elevators,which was an immense but at first overwhelming box set to go through!!

I agree with Paul,this does not give you that too much at one time scenario i had with 13th Floor Elevators,the makers,designers have got a good balance,i so enjoyed looking through the book,its not too much,with too much technical info etc,its ceretainly well put together,seemds sturdy enough to withstand years of taking out and playing,which many box sets cant do.The main thing of course,is the music,and WOW!!Theres much excellent music to be found on here,lots of it!!In fabulius sound to,even the home demos.

Ive always preferred Sell Out as an album to Tommy,i find Tommy overblown in parts,and some of the songs just dont do it for me the same as this cracking album!!How the hell did the single I Can See For Miles not be bigger than it was chart wise,an absolute mystery and a real highlight in The Whos history of recordings,and in the history of UK psychedelia.

I found that Roger Daltrey is not lead vocal as often on this album, as he would be with Tommy and onwards!!Which gives a variety in that department,dont get me wrong ,i love Daltreys voice,but it changed with time and develpment,he became a rock singer with Tommy ,if you know what i mean?This is the last time i see him as this UK mod gruff vocalist....he with Tommy sorta turned into a big international rock singer ,to me this is the last album,where they were a great group,but Tommy sent them to the stratosphear,so i love this album as they still seemed accessable as people at this time,before total craziness really took off,as their international stardom shot up like a star!!Still a trully British group with this album Sell Out,before international stardom.......and dare i say it celebritydom....yuk!!!!


Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

I agree on the vocals Stuart. It was part of th democratisation process they decided on (according to the book). I think it's all the more interesting for that too. I agree about 'See For Miles'. We forget the enormous over-exposure of stuff like Englebert Humperdink's 'Last Waltz Wiht You' etc. at the timethat crowded out anything more creative! Personally, I still think 'Armenia City In The Sky' is one of the all-time best opening tracks of an album and certainly the most psychedelic.


Re: The Who Sell Out super deluxe edition

I see also from reading the book notes for CD 3 that there is to be an expanded 'future' edition of The Who at the BBC as well.