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Pepperisms from around the globe

This was the name of a pretty good comp from a few years ago, but I was wondering how many countries actually put out what was their equivalent of a Sgt Pepper in the late 60s and what the best representative for each country would be. I'm talking turned on psychedelic POP here.

Spain - Brincos - Contrabando
Italy - Orme - Ad Gloriam
Netherlands - Rodys - Earnest Vocation
France - Octopus 4 - Confluents
Australia - Twilights - Once Upon...
New Zealand - Fourmyula - Green B Holiday
Uruguay - Shakers - Conferenca Secreta...
Argentina - Walkers - Waking Up
Columbia - Speakers - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson
Norway - Dream - Get Dreamy
Sweden - Tages - Studio
Finland - Blues Section - Same
Israel - Churchills - Same

I'm sure others are more up with Eastern European countires and there were loads of great LPs from that area. Any more? Anyone pick a different LP for any of the countries above?

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