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Sam Apple Pie unreleased album

At last!

there should be a fourth one too, I read somewhere

Re: Sam Apple Pie unreleased album

Got the CD at last and I think it's a pretty good rock album, less bluesy than first album, just some prog touches. Five stars for the restoring job!

I understand it was actually taken from this Apple acetate

first track is on the tube here

there is also a Facebook page on SAP:

Re: Sam Apple Pie unreleased album

Thanks for the heads up on this Gian,i wasn't aware this was coming out,i did find the debut album,just a bit too blues based for my tastes,but i shall definitely be buying this unreleased album once i've got some money,bit short ,so it's a very quiet weekend for me,so i've been spinning a lot off music today,and thoroughly enjoyed it,instead off being in the pub,so i'll be hopefully on the hunt for more music in a couple of weeks.

I've been getting right into library and soundtrack music,in particular Italian library and soundtrack sounds.......but man it can be expensive,i only buy cds,and much off it is not available on cd,but the ones that are,are usually above the price i'd pay........oh well....once again thank you Gian for info on the "unreleased" second Sam Apple Pie album on cd!!!!