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Exotix 5

Whilst browsing in a charity shop I found the above cd on it are acts such as James Clarke,Alan Hawkshaw,Folkswingers,Ruffle,Danielle Patucci,Kinobe,Electric Tomorrow and others
Does anyone have any info on this comp please?

Re: Exotix 5

Just been playing this while wrapping its a nice collection of Exotica

Re: Exotix 5

google = nada.....

happy xmas Phil et al

Re: Exotix 5

Thanks DG have a good one mate

Re: Exotix 5

Not getting confused with erotix there OPS?

Re: Exotix 5

Hi there.
I am the person behind Exotix 5. Myself and a friend used to make these compilations and others, selling them at Camden Market, whilst also running a 60's club night, Electric Orange in Soho.
Glad to hear you enjoy it, there are 5 volumes of it in total.
All the best, James.

Re: Exotix 5

Good day and welcome to you James,thank you for jumping in and saying what you did.
This has me intrigued to know more about this series of cds you put together,and also the nights you did in London,first of all could you tell us the name off the nights you used to hold,and if they're still gong?What type of 60s music was it that you mainly played at those nights?

I've not heard of the Exotix 5 compilations,where they for sale,or for givng out at your nights,which is a thing i've saw in the past at certain mod,soul,psych or mod nights ive attended.

I'm very interested in knowing if you would be willing to give more information on them,like artists included etc.I'm also interested if you would be willing to sell the 5 volumes to myself?Or anyone else interested on here?

I am always interested in hearing sounds from the 60s and 70s that i may have ,little or no knowledge off,im a big enthusiast of psychedelia,mod gone odd,early prog,hippie folk,library music from mid 60s onwards to around 73,soundtrack music from the 60s and 70s,early reggae in particular trojan and pama labels,ska from the 60s and 2 tone to truth i've a bit of an eclectic taste,but my main thing is 60s sounds.

Phil who originally put this post and question up,is in the process if moving into a new home and has just got connected up,literally,so he will be pleased to see that you have answered his question a bit.

Once again,thank you James,apologies for the interest from me,resulting in a rather nosey manner in asking questions.......i hope you do pay a visit to here again.Cheers.

Re: Exotix 5

Hi there.
I'll try and answer your questions.
The club night we did was called "Electric Orange" and was at Pop nightclub in Soho, London.
It ran from around 1998-2004.
We had bands play there as well. From this I was asked to join Instant Flight on Drums and we became the backing band for Arthur Brown, which was a great experience!
We had Channel 4 come and film at one of our club nights too, there is footage on the "New Mod Generation" documentary.
The music we played at Electric Orange was everything from Psych, Mod, Garage, Exotica, Library music and Groovy 60's Pop! Anything that you can dance to really! I specialised more on UK, Euro and World Psych, Pop-Psych and Groovy movers.
For some reason I do remember the very 1st and last tracks that were played at the club!
The 1st track was "I Know Why" - The Fourmyula and the last track played was "World Of You" - The Aerovons!
As for the Exotix CD's, we used to sell them on a market stall in Camden Town.
I just had a look and I have copies of Volumes 1,2,4 and 5.
I don't have a computer or CD burning equipment, but I will ask a friend if they can make copies.
If so, I'd be happy to send them to you.
All the best, James.