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Yoko Ono...........i'm flabbergasted and surprised Mrs Lennon........well done you....

I don't know why some Beatles fans still seem to blame Yoko Ono for the eventual break up of The Beatles,it's over 50 years for goodness sake!!If anyone has saw the Get Back footage,Yoko seems very quiet and not interfering at all,and at one point seems happy as larry sitting with the other mrs in that big horrible,unfriendly studio,it was the Beatles who weren't getting on,the tension in some parts was so bloody obvious,it's no wonder they called it a day,after recording Abbey Road right enough.....the album Let It Be is in my opinion their weakest effort,and sometimes i wish they left Let It Be in the can,as that album was the lads going out with a whimper,but smothered in strings...,i know it was mostlty done before they started work on Abbey Road,but i do wish Abbey Road was the final chapter,that suite on side 2,what a finish!!

Anyway i'm here to talk about the early 70s albums by Yoko Ono and sometimes plastic ono band,i'll be honest ,today was the first time,i really sat down and listened to the 3 albums,released by her,starting with the 1971 "Fly"album,the good news is this is the last album she screams and screeches,and that is only on about 3 songs,and it's a double album too,i enjoyed most off this album,it really is pretty hard rocking in places,and she actually does sing,and with melody too,it's very much of its time,and i was utterly surprised that i enjoyed it,but it has that period sound with guitar effects like wah wah etc!!

I was feeling far more confident in giving her others a listen,and by gum lass,she did it!!She is NOT bad at all,listening to 1973 album"Feeling The Space"this time with the Plastic Ono Band,i didn't pay much attention to the feminism political stuff she was singing about,or the original liners,but they were different times for women,but the music on this album i'm well impressed with,really mellow mostly,and yes a Beatles feel to some songs,and her voice is actually quite soft when she sings,and full of emotion too,and she CAN keep a melody!!!!

I couldn't believe it,i was looking forward to listening to another one,this one was actually released before "Feeling the Space",so i've listened to them the wrong way round.....hey ho!!!!This one is titled"Approximately Infinite Universe"and AGAIN its a double album!! So later that year she released"Feeling The Space",so 2 double albums and a single album,in a short period of time,that's some going,and thats not counting the work with her hubbys own albums!! You'd think the quality would suffer,but unbelievably it doesn't........this is another good album,again theres a mix of mellow vibes and more heavier sounds.....and again Yoko surprises me with her vocals,no screaming,no shouting,some talking ,yes,but her vocals are ok,she's not the greatest vocalist,but it suits her material to a T.Looking at the credits on the laptop,she wrote most of the material,some songs very short indeed,while others go on over the 10 minute mark.....but i didn't think while listening it was over bearing at all...i was enjoying the listen!!!!A BIG surprise.

I'm annoyed at myself for not giving Yokos albums a listen for all those years,i'm a massive Beatles music man,and i could kick myself for ignoring those 3 albums all my adult life,but i've had an enjoyable day,a Yoko day,and at this moment,i prefer her albums to what John Lennon was releasing at the time of late 73.I was so taken aback by the surprise of enjoying her albums,i've ordered "Approximately Infinite Universe" and"Feeling The Space"on cd,which were issued in 2017,i'll pick up "Fly"once i've got more money,but got both the cds ive ordered for £ i'm happy camper,and i would urge anyone who was like me,and expected the worse of a shrill voice with mediocre's not at all like that,apart from about 3 numbers on "Fly" ,the other 2 albums have none off that,and are well arranged,melodic,have a message,and sung rather softly most off the time,with fab musical backing........i was never one of those Beatles people who disliked Yoko,in fact i've found her a fascinating figure amidst all the Beatles lunacy off the time,so i've never understood why any Beatles fan would hold a grudge,she made the story more interesting,and i've found new respect for her music.......and that is something i thought i'd never say!!Ignorance is bliss,and i surely showed mine for all those years........go on give her a chance......start with her magnum opus"Approximately Infinite Universe"..........and see how you get on!!!!

Re: Yoko Ono...........i'm flabbergasted and surprised Mrs Lennon........well done you....

I'd never even thought to give her LPs a listen, I assumed it would be endless screaching. Will give them a go.