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Comment, opinion ?


I wasn't sure where to post this but I could only think of this forum. I've found some cool psych records that are getting hard to find on a site called blackvinylrecords. I couldn't find much info on the site online except one unhappy guy. Considering this site is English, I thought some of you may know this site and probably ordered on it. Is is legit ? Some prices seem pretty low but considering how Discogs is overpriced these days...
So I'm still hesitating, there are no pictures for some records so I'm trying to know if they rate well!

Thank you for any info you may have,
Btw if someone knows a site (apart from discogs ofc) where I can find The Human Instinct (Stoned Guitar) or Ancient Grease, i'll be grateful!

Re:, opinion ?

I wasn't sure if you wanted vinyl or CD but they are available here
or you can download them from Soulseek

Re:, opinion ?

I'm mostly a vinyl guy, these two records are now either very pricey/or hard to find. Sometimes I tell myself I should skip to CDs!
I've downloaded them from slsk already, it's just that I like owning physical copies!
But thank you for remembering me cdandlps, I actually ordered there few times, found some nice stuff!