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50s Stars Who Tried To Adapt To The Psychedelic 60s [Part 2]

Well worth ten minutes of your time for the part two of this 50s people in the later 60s mini doc.


Re: 50s Stars Who Tried To Adapt To The Psychedelic 60s [Part 2]

Hello Paul,Yes i watched this about a week ago,on youtube on the TV,and like the first one,i thoroughly enjoy them,and as a matter of fact,this whole "idea",it really could make a good series of articles,in some fanzine,magazine...and vastly expand on the original Mojo article and of course on your Dream Weavers comp.

Covering albums first,then picking out,tracks from albums that are "different"from their usual sound,then onto single only tracks,As and B really would make interesting reading,i did start doing a list a couple of year ago on here,called mainstream gone odd......or something on those lines,i included mainstream pop acts like Hermans Hermits,DD,D,B,M &T,Cilla Black,Tom Jones etc.....who ALL recorded material that was "different"for them,or for what they where mainly known for,not necessary psych leaning music,but just "different",like Tom Jones in the early 70s,recorded some funky stuff,not remotely psych or related sounds,but for him"different"..and could surprise many,who only know him for his well known hits from the 60s.

I did kinda lose my interest on that list,as i wasn't sure if folks were interested in it,so i stopped,nothing worse than talking to an empty room,so the thought off going through many cds of stuff,picking out tracks etc,did not seem worthwhile as it is an effort to do all that....i was noting down date of release etc,where the tracks came from,if it was an album track,an A side,a B side,or a full album......or even an unreleased track at that time........but i decided to just write the tracks and artist down on the lists i did do here ,with no other detail ,if i remember correctly,maybe thats where i went wrong,leaving off the notes i'd taken with more detail.

I decided to not go any further with it,i wasn't and hadn't been keeping well,and my concentration when i'm like that just disappears,along with any motivation to do anything that could be taxing........i had CDs all over the place,that i was going to go through,to see if i could find "different"sounding tracks from the likes of Lulu,who has by the way,a couple of corkers on her album"Lulus album"from 69 i think it was.......she was just one of many cds i had out in my living room........preparing to listen to them all.......then work my way through my collection of UK artistes.......and so on.....but unfortunately it all fell by the wayside as my dark dog took over my life and thoughts.....i did get a spurt off motivation at a point,then i just thought why bother?

So i'm glad that someone is doing those videos on youtube,but i was going far further than that,i was having an in depth look,covering all spectrums........not just 50s mainstream artists attempting to move with changing times.Oh well,i may for my own interest,do something,but it takes me longer to decide to do something,than it would to