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New Psych album poll

Just re-posting this as a reminder to get your votes in please, as without lots more being received it won’t be practical to do the show.
Tell your friends. Thanks 👍

Hi Psych fans!

I’ve recently been asked if I would be doing any more UK Psychedelia Polls. I’ve done 3 “Greatest British Psychedelic Song” and broadcast the results on my Rose Coloured Glasses show. The last poll was heard a couple of years ago on the 500th edition of RCG.
Well the 600th RCG is due in May 2022, so to celebrate I think we should have another poll!
Only this time it’ll be the Greatest British Psychedelic Album!
In fact it needs to be two polls in one.
Firstly, i’ll be asking for votes regarding ‘Original’ albums as released back in the day (though I suspect most votes will be for 60s LP’s, there is no restriction on release dates).
The second section will be for the Best CD Compilations by individual acts (no various artist collections). There have been a wealth of ‘posthumous’ compilations by groups that never released an album back in the day…from Tintern Abbey to Turquoise, Dantalian’s Chariot to One in a Million etc etc dozens of them, and also there have been many collections of previously unreleased material by the more commercially successful bands, The Beatles’ Anthology being the most obvious example. It’s those releases that qualify in Section 2. (No straight Greatest Hits releases please).

So once again I’m asking for your Top 5 favourites, in order of preference please, as your Top pick receives 10 points, second pick 7 points, and on downwards 5, 3 and 1 point.
But obviously this time I want 2 lots of Top 5’s!

Voting is open now, and will stay open until midnight 30th April, so you have a whole month to ponder and revise your choices before sending them in.
Once you’ve decided then please send your votes to
Or send them by personal message to me on facebook.
Please don’t send them in public comments because i may very well miss them if they are scattered here there and everywhere.

Obviously get in touch if you have any queries…the most common one is always “what qualifies as British?” My answer to that is if the majority of a group’s members are British, they were based in Britain and they tended to record in Britain, then they are eligible…so that means The Jimi Hendrix Experience are in…but a Swedish band with an English bass player are out 🤔

Please pass this on to any of your Psych-loving friends as, obviously, I’d like to receive as many votes as possible.
It’ll probably take two 3 hour shows to broadcast the results this time, RCG #599 and #600, on Saturday nights in late May. The shows will, of course, then be uploaded to my Mixcloud page, where the previous poll shows still reside.
Anyway, i hope to receive your votes soon.
Ta very muchly 👍

Re: New Psych album poll

Regarding the Rose Coloured Glasses Greatest British Psychedelic Album Poll…thanks to those who took the trouble to send in their choices, but not enough votes have been received to make a poll show viable, so obviously it wasn’t a very good idea.
Never mind 👍

Re: New Psych album poll

Disappointing Mick, but thanks for your efforts.