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Smoking dmt

Hey. Can anyone help me understand why no matter how much I smoke I don't break through.... almost as if I'm time I turned into this repeating pattern

Re: Smoking dmt that your inner spirit complaining it's trapped.....or is it one of your own selfs complaining?.............

Pull yourselves together,before you know it,the 2 off you will be,i'm a rock.....but i'm a rock that's said that?(big echo)

Stop smoking it,try a cup off sugar or two sirs.........

Re: Smoking dmt

I don't understand why I stay in my room no matter how much I smoke while everyone else flys through wormholes n encounters entities or spirits .... I trip like everything gets crazy n can see what I believe to be fractal energy all around like a spiders web or nebula everywhere in the air. But I always get a sense everytime I do it that something/someone is monitoring me n almost trapped me un-naturally..I dunno maybe I am going mad! 🤣 ... I'd love to one day fly to the jungle n do the ayuaska but can't afford it rn n I'm in the uk not readily available....?

Like I've had an out of body experience was catapulted into space n saw the whole of creation...could zoom into different parts of reality. Saw the energy waves/resonance being emitted by everything I could hear like a humming/buzzing sound ... I could bend and distort matter...n seemed to have a real grasp of everything n what my purpose was but that was off 3 LSD tabs not dmt
And even then towards the end of my trip ....I was almost paralyzed with my head pointed upwards a beam of light was pointed on me n I kept repeating "why is my presence being manipulated" for about 10 minutes....

The only time I've "broke through" with dmt was the other night I became part of this pattern on what I can only describe it as spinning top but different it wasn't a bad feeling but it wasn't that pleasant either
😂 I'm not scared of becoming 2 or even 4 people...Im kinda starting to believe the we are all part of a greater whole singular entity over every other possible scenario

Do u think my supplies of dmt aren't that good? Bad batch?

Re: Smoking dmt

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Re: Smoking dmt

Hello Mark,Nah mate,it's probably down to you as a person,how your mood is and all that type of jazz.....different things can effect different people in different are individuals on prescribed medications,in particular for mental health many off those meds are already changing the chemicals and balances within the brain,so this maybe a reason why you are NOT achieving the spiritual goals you would like,THAT part off the brain,maybe getting suppressed with meds?I'm really not qualified,so DONT take that as gospel....but there could be other reasons.......but if you are on medication for mental health issues........PLEASE DON'T STOP taking them,that is the last thing you should do.

You're an adult,so no point me in me putting a bummer on you,but PLEASE be careful,be sensible,be in a comfortable safe place,YOU be in a good place up in the HEAD,and down in the SPIRIT.....Don't force it,Don't expect it,just let it........the more you get hung up about it,the less it will happen.........your body is ALL connected,things you may not even consider,like what you eat or ALL has an effect somewhere in the body,and the brain is the controller ,receptor and protector.......get passed it....the world may be your oyster to that place you want to be........Take care.