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Klubbs promo record signed.

Hello my Psychedelic friends,

I'm looking for a quick appraisal on a signed promo variant of The Klubbs – Midnight Love Cycle (one of only 5 produced for band members) Mint condition never played.

The owner is looking to sell this and is looking for a ball park figure to place on discogs.

Re: Klubbs promo record signed.

I think the regular issue (vinyl) goes for around £15-20. Signed promo for this sort of release has a limited market I would guess. Try £50 and lower the price if it doesn't sell. Or list higher and allow offers maybe, which is easy to do on discogs..

Re: Klubbs promo record signed.

All i can say,is that uk associated psychedelia is a big seller,and is usually a pretty good seller,particularly something like this,with only 5 copies made for each band member,i'd certainly put it up for auction,and see how it goes,get a feel about interest,as things like this can be unpredictable like any other auction,it could fly,or it could be a damp squib,ALL auctions are gamble,but i've a feeling with this item,you will have interest,and hopefully 2 or 3 psych collectors will bid for it,and that's when bidding fever can come into it,and you get a price you were hoping for,but never have your hopes too high,if this is an ex member of the band selling it,maybe get him to add some memorabilia,if there is any,even photos,as a wee touch like that can make it a bit more attractive.There are now plenty of auction sites,of course ebay seems to still be the main one,but remember fees etc......
Good luck with this,i really have no idea on value,but as i said original psychedelia artefacts,do usually sell well,whether 45s ,acetates,albums...this sounds a one off,i'm sure a rabid collector of psych records will snap this up,maybe not to play,but to just have!!!!