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Hotlegs-Suite F.A. and other leggy things.

After the amazing Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon cd,i went back to the Hotlegs cd"You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think Of It",which was released by Grapefruit 10 years ago,again this is a tremendous cd,with Godley,Creme and Eric Stewart,showing what a talented trio they are.

The hit single "Neanthedral Man" gives a false assumption on what the album"Hotlegs Thinks:School Stinks"(a little later rejigged and issued as Song) would be like,that is off its own,and the rest off that album is better in my opinion,excepting the "other"novelty like song "Desperate Dan".There is not a bad song on this cd either.

While listening,the 13 minute Suite F.A.(part of their problem,was being too clever),really grabbed me,its absolutely superb,with more twists and turns than a sidewinder,but does not outlast its welcome,and is clearly heavily influenced by The Beatles Abbey Road side 2,this is not a prog suite,this is a very well put together pop suite,with excellent guitar playing from Eric Stewart,with many lively to mellow parts,and when the 13 minute is up,and you're thinking,och is that it finished,you know it's a good one.

When you think of all the quality material the foursome of Godley,Creme,Stewart and Gouldman,wrote and recorded from the second half off the 60s up to early 71,in other bands,writing for others,and of course for themselves,what an impressive high quality and original sounding body off work,even the writings for the Super K organisation in New York,which used them for a myriad of made up bands.Plus Eric Stewarts and Graham Gouldmans Strawberry Studio,was a hive of musical activity.What a story!!

That's not even mentioning 10CC!!

Re: Hotlegs-Suite F.A. and other leggy things.

I’m enjoying this at the moment. Missed it when it first came out, so thanks for the reminder to investigate!😀👍

Re: Hotlegs-Suite F.A. and other leggy things.

Hello Joe,hope you're doing well mate.
Glad you're investigating,theres much to be enjoyed,and i kinda see the Hotlegs and Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon ccds as like companion pieces,man what a body of work.Very enjoyable indeed!!!