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Raw Mod LP / CD

Another belter from Top Sounds due early September I think, sounds great. Youtube sampler here:


Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

There's a few on eBay for sale right now CD and LP (25/9/)


Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

and available rom Top Sounds own website of course

Sorry for being such a fan boy!


Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

Your fandom is appreciated Paul! Just packing your CD now, should post Tues or at the latest Wednesday. Yes its another cracker!

Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

thanks for the heads up Paul, Granny's Attic at last yayyy!

Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

Paul,Nigel was kind enough to have sent mine out last week,and i can say it covers the whole spectrum of 60s uk mod,from swinging pop, RnB,blue eyed soul,spiky guitar artpop creations,freakbeat and what i call mod gone odd veering on psychedelia.

It is a very enjoyable listen,and shows there are STILL finds to be had from the 60s music well,and shows us what was happening at small run studios,with local bands who got their songs onto an acetate,but never got any further,though some did get 45s issued but in tiny numbers,and AGAIN Nigel delivers another cracking consortium of music,and adds to a splendid discography of his Top Sounds label,where he finds those stashed away in the cupboard finds i don't know,maybe he is the wizard conjourer of little known and unknown bands from the 60s,if that's the case i want his book of magic potions!!

I have every cd issued,and every one has been very enjoyable,and the cds with the transcription discs,are to say the least a cache of musical history that unfortunately the BBC wiped in their stupidness to save money,not realising how important music and the bands where to become in cultural history,but thankfully and possibly Nigel using his magic potions,some transcription discs survived or where copied,and the same goes for those acetates which are very vulnerable after a couple of plays concerning sound quality reduction,and the conditions in which they are kept,so to still have caches to fill out collections like Raw Mod,is unbelievable,and kudos to those individuals who had the foresight to keep them as possible momentos of younger days,as many succesful artistes have nothing from their early musical history.

The likes of Nigel Lees and Dave Wells must be given credit for facilitating in bringing them to a wider public,through investigation,legal issues,much time,and more,as unfortunately in music collecting circles,there are many selfish,keep it to themselves sods who care more about the rarity than actually letting people hear an album or single etc,which to be honest is why many make music,for people to hear,but those individuals who use it as an investment,and not for the music itself,hankers with me........but that IS another story for another time.

I do highly recommend Raw Mod,i got the cd with excelleny booklet with informative liners,i'm not sure if it is available on vinyl?

Say those magic words!!!! Top Sounds.......

Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

What can I say Stuart, a testament to Raw Mod and Top Sounds in general doesn't get much better than this! Thank you so much. And yes it is available on vinyl LP too. Thank you again Stuart!

Re: Raw Mod LP / CD

No, thank you Nigel.
I'm not blowing smoke up your bum,what i've said is true,and is much appreciated.

I would certainly like to look at that wizards potion book if take care Nigel,all the best.