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StevesStuff -A tribute.

It has been confirmed that the gentleman with the handle StevesStuff has indeed passed away,he was a regular contributor on here,he did correspond with others who take part on here also,i was lucky enough to be have been one of those people.
He could be a cantankerous soul,and an impatient one,but he was also very helpful,as i turned to him concerning technical issues with my illiterate use of new technology like the laptop i'm using now,as i had no clue how to add music onto emails and other attachments,and i still don't really!

It was the fact he took the time to correspond with me,THAT is what mattered,yes he had issues,and yes he had extreme mood swings,as i myself have my issues in that area,i usually hide and dont converse with people when i'm not well,but StevesStuff did,to me that is character,and that alone possibly shows the determination of the person.

He enjoyed coming on here,so i hope none of you mind me posting this wee tribute,and an acknowledgment he was here and left a tiny bit of himself behind,and this message will stay in the internet galaxy for who knows how long,i have no other knowledge of his date of passing,or the reason,but here's to Steve,may he fly high and soar.X

Re: StevesStuff -A tribute.

A fitting tribute. My condolences to family and friends.
Thanks for caring and sharing Stu.

Re: StevesStuff -A tribute.

Thanks Stuart, nice words :disappointed:

Re: StevesStuff -A tribute.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Re: StevesStuff -A tribute.

Yes, Stu…you’ve written a nice tribute. I seem to remember reading in some of Steve’s posts that he had health issues Sorry to hear about his passing. I was just looking back at some of his posts, and he says as a youngster he got to see Caravan practice for their first or second album! Wow…that would have been amazing. I’m glad he had that experience.