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Darkening Violet

Anyone have a track list for this comp done around 1999/2000? I remember it was a dig at Fading Yellow and an attempt to compile some heavier darker sounds.

Re: Darkening Violet

1 - Clown - Lord of the Ringside

2 - JC Heavy - Mr Deal

3 - Motions - Nightmare

4 - Chaps - Constant Journey

5 - New Phoenix - Give to me Your Love

6 - Tages - You're Too Incomprehensible

7 - John Wonderling - Midway Town

8 - Don Fardon - Sunshine Woman

9 - James Anderson - Muskatel Muskatel

10 - Rodys - Easy Come Easy Go

11 - Keith Dangerfield - She's A Witch

12 - Keith Dangerfield - No Life Child

13 - Freaks of Nature - People Let's Freak Out

14 - Gods - Come on Down to my Boat Baby

15 - Grand Union - She Said

16 - John Wonderling - Man of Straw

17 - Rare Bird - God of War

18 - May Blitz - Honey Coloured Time

19 - Gun - Situation Vacant

20 - Gun - Long Hair Wildman

21 - Aardvark - Copper Sunset

22 - Love Sculpture - River to Another Day

23 - Hard Meat - Rain

Re: Darkening Violet

Many thanks!

Re: Darkening Violet

Perkins Purple
Many thanks!
When I have seen that this comp. It started with "Lord of the Ringside" and my heart skipped a beat.
I know many topics and I would like to know more things:
Is it for sale or is it a private collection?
Who was the compiler?
If anyone has it on mp3, I'd like to hear it in full.

Re: Darkening Violet

Jose,Clown recorded an album early 70/71,which saw a vinyl release in the last couple of years by a Greek label,i think it was Anazitisi records.It contains 12 tracks,and it's titled "Lord Of The Ringside",named after the song,which is of course included on this album.

Re: Darkening Violet

I know absolutely nothing about this compilation , the copy I have is a bit hissy & only 192kb/s but still an enjoyable listen .

Enjoy ....

Re: Darkening Violet

Thank you Stuart and Wanderer.
Thanks for info and the mp3. It looks like a comp. private titles are written in ballpoint pen on the paper of a CD-R, with scratches, which seem to be rectifications of the selection of the CD-R.
I have always been very interested in private compilations, since they have total freedom to choose the songs.

Re: Darkening Violet

Darkening Violets was issued originally as a CDR (never an official or proper CD release) and was quite difficult to get hold of (pre-streaming days). Some copies had playback issues and the silver play sides did have marks and scratches on some copies. No idea who made it though. It had a dark mauve / violet cover with a typed track list on the back. It was made as a light hearted repost to the Fading Yellow series by pointing to the more progressive end of 60s music which was not that well reissued at the time.


Re: Darkening Violet

As much as Lord Of The Ringside is very good, unfortunately the rest of their output doesn't match it, imo.

Re: Darkening Violet

Greg,Clown can sound like Audience in my opinion,not early Audience of the first 2 album Audience(69)and Friends,Friends,Friends(70),but the final 2 House On The Hill(71) and Lunch,certainly not as good as Audience,but i do think Lord Of The Ringside is one of their best numbers,and they do have quite a few others that i feel are as good,but i do find the use of sax can be irritating in prog or psych infused albums,but if this came out on cd,i'd buy it,as theres enough good material with that early 70s sound i like for me to put down some notes.