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Psych You Might Like - Yet Again

Hi Psychonauts

More psych/garage/spacerock & acid rock recommends, sourced from YT & SS.

FYI I've avoided genres such as shoegaze, noise, drone, experimental as it's not my thing.... but there's tons out there. The "Psychedelic Underground Generation" blog does a good job reviewing such like with audio clips for all, if that's your bag.


Allison - People From Outer Space
Baby Guru – Sunshine Special
Balduin - Look At Me I'm You
Bikini Beach – Atoll (G)
Claypool Lennon Delirium The - Monolith Of Phobos
Cosmic Eyes & The Colliders - Attack On Castle Moon
Daisy - The Hum Of Life (aka The Hum Of D.A.I.S.Y)
Frankie & The Witch Fingers - S/T
Frankie & The Witch Fingers - Heavy Roller
Frankie & The Witch Fingers - Sidewalk
Free Weed - Introducing
Galileo 7 The - Are We Having Fun Yet?
Galileo 7 The - Staring At the Sound
Galileo 7 The - False Memory Lane
Gallileo 7 The -Tear Your Minds Wide Open!
Jabberwockies The - S/T
Lemon Clocks The - Time To Wake Up
Magic Mushroom Band - Sixty Minutes With
Mondo Topless - Freaking Out
Mourning After The - The 10th Century
Narc Twins - Life With Lemons
Narc Twins - Lmnoe
Nodding Tree Remedies - The 45th Parallel
Nodding Tree Remedies - Ultra Violet Tots
Orginal Sins The - Acidbubblepunk
Out Key Hole The - Dreams In Waking State
Possum - Space Grade Assembly
Prefab Messiahs The - Psychploitation Today (also as a video album on YT)
Prefab Messiahs The - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive
Quasar Light - Experience This
Rooks The - A Double Dose Of Pop
Sonic Dawn The - Perception
Sonic Dawn The - Enter The Mirage
Stonus - Aphasia
Strange Flowers The - The Imaginary Space Travel Of The Naked Monkeys
Strange Flowers The - The Grace Of Losers
Strange Flowers The - Aeroplanes In The Backyard
Strange Flowers The - Ortoflorovivaistica
Strange Flowers The - Pearls At Swine
Strange Flowers The - Vagina Mother
Strange Flowers The - Songs For Imaginary Movies
Sun Dial - Other Way In
Sun Dial - Pumpkinhead EP's 1 - 3
Time Lodgers The - Sometimes Never
Total Rejections The - Off The Top Of Our Heads
Tryp The - My Brain Collapsed
Urges The - Time Will Pass
Various - Nuggets II Revisited (The Active Listener Compilation)
Vertigo Swirl The - A New Swirled Record
Vertigo Swirl The – Heartstar
Vertigo Swirl The - Raining Serotonin In Quarantineland
Vertigo Swirl The - Sane As The Sun
Vertigo Swirl The - Swirl 3
Vibravoid - Zeitgeist Generator
Wild Wild Wets - Love Always
Worst The - S/T

Re: Psych You Might Like - Yet Again

Thanks for putting PUG back on my radar, use to follow the site avidly but wavered when they had a prolonged hiatus a few years back,

Re: Psych You Might Like - Yet Again


I think I can go one better. As you probably know most of the bands reviewed on PUG offer their wares via Bandcamp. Here is a link to ALL the psych rock bands that reside there.

To listen to a sample track click on a cover and then click the cover bottom left to take you to the home page where you can stream (in most cases) the rest of the album. That should keep you busy for a week or two.

You can also check this link for artists who don't classify themselves as "rock bands" but still put out psych music in some genre.

NB You will have to copy and paste these links into a word doc and turn it into a hyperlink to reach the page. Pasting it into your browser wont get you there for some reason.


Re: Psych You Might Like - Yet Again

Cool thanks again, actually one of my pet hates is poorly designed websites with rubbish navigation even more irritating when it's supposed to be an upgraded or replacement site. This one I like.