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60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

Hi Psychsters

Every so often you stumble across a find that you simply have to share and this one is way too good... I'm talking bonkers GOOD!!

For those of you who revel in the visual side of psychedelia or are intrigued to see the bands you love and admire doing their thing, this is a psych feast that will leave you bulging.

Heavenlyblueorange has been a busy boy or girl compiling 100's of videos. A 'one stop shop' so to speak of 60's psych and garage bands. Admittedly there are quite a few that are homage based collages or visualizations, Some great, some not so, some grainy others sharp as but the music and atmosphere of the 60's pervade.

Worth a visit and ENJOY!!


Re: 60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

Looks interesting. Thanks.

Re: 60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

He's great isn't he PPP. He manages to find and produce great and fitting videos to excellent tracks.

Re: 60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

Sure is Whopper.... I download all the ones I like, whack 'em in a folder and watch on TV as an alternative to listening to an audio compilation. Great for parties or when friends visit. Been doing this as an ongoing project, got around 1600 to date.

Glad you like

Re: 60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

So many but think one of my favourites would have to be Contact-Lovers From The Sky.

Re: 60's Psych & Garage Videos Galore

excellent site thanks for sharing here is another interesting blog
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